What Are The Best True Combos For Wu Shang in Brawlhalla?

Practice with the best True Combos on Wu Shang in Brawlhalla. The best guide out there to help you out.

best wu shang true combos in brawlhalla
29/10/2022 | Ultimate Guide for the Best Combos for Wu Shang in Brawlhalla | Credits: Blue Mammoth Games

If you have played Brawlhalla for a while now, you must know about Wu Shandroid by now. No? Seems like you haven’t spent hours on training either. But you must definitely know Wu Shang in Brawlhalla (if not his true combos). The character that golds abuse to assert their dominance, and plats that spam him sweating all over the place.

Wu Shang: Digging Into The Lore

The Emperor’s soldiers were led to victory after victory by the cunning and talented General Wu Shang, but his heart remained empty. One day he got out of his tent, took off his finery, and left the war and the power behind. Wu Shang entered a monastery wearing rags and being penniless. He was taken in by the monks and began practising the Way of peace, discipline, and martial arts.

Wu Shang became more and more aware that he didn’t have to kill. When the enraged Emperor dispatched his soldiers to assault the temple. Without even touching the hair on their heads, Wu Shang vanquished a company of Imperial soldiers.

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And that’s it for the lore of Wu Shang. We won’t let you sleep forever. Before going further we would like to introduce his signatures for possibly new players. You can skip right to the end if you want to just get the true combos for Wu Shang in Brawlhalla.

Wu Shang Signatures in Brawlhalla:


  • Neutral: For catching jumps of opponents, amazingly fast and you can use it in true combos at high damage
  • Side: Insanely fast and almost unpunishable/unreactable
  • Down: Spike down signature, best for edge-guarding off-stage.


  • Neutral: Again for catching jumps and upward dodges. Great for off-stage gameplay as well as for combos
  • Side: Spike down signature, can kill at relatively lower health
  • Down: More frames, two part signature. A ‘get-off’ me signature.
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Best True Combos For Wu Shang in Brawlhalla:

Below are some of the true combos that you can use with Wu Shang in Brawlhalla:

For Gauntlets:

  • (Gravity Cancel) Down Light -> Recovery (Great Kill option)
  • (Gravity Cancel) Down Light -> Aerial Neutral Light -> Down Light
  • Side Light -> (Gravity Cancel other side) Side Light -> Recovery (Another great kill option)
  • Down Light -> Side Light -> Recover -> (Chase dodge read and Gravity Cancel) Down signature
  • Side Light -> Neutral Air -> (Gravity Cancel) Side Light -> Neutral Air -> Ground Pound -> (Read) Jump -> Ground Pound
  • Down Light -> Side Light -> Neutral Air -> (Gravity Cancel) Down Light -> Gravity Cancel -> Side Light -> Neutral Air
  • Down Light -> Side Light -> (Read) Dodge-out -> Jump -> (Gravity Cancel) Down Light -> Neutral Aerial Attack -> Neutral Light -> (wait for jump or dodge up) Neutral Light
  • Side Light -> Fast Fall -> (Read) Spot-dodge -> Neutral Aerial attack -> Chase-dodge ahead (Pivot) Down Air > (Chase-dodge ahead) Neutral Aerial attack -> Jump and Recover
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For Spear:

  • Side Light -> Down Light -> (Gravity Cancel) Down Light (alternatively you can try using it over the platform to get the last gravity cancel as the third down light)
  • Side Light -> Down Light -> (wait for spot dodge) Down Signature

Remember that you won’t be able to master these combos by just watching them or reading about them. You’ll have to practice a lot before they’re true. So grab onto your training gloves and smash the bot until you can see zero dodge frames between your attacks. That’s it for our guide on true combos on Wu Shang in Brawlhalla.

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