Kors Platform Brawlhalla: Emote on Kor’s Platform

Where is the Kor's Platform in Brawlhalla? Know all about Kor's Platform here. Struggling to find how to emote on Kors Platform? Keep reading till the end to know all about it.

Kor Brawlhalla
Kor Brawlhalla

Kors Platform Brawlhalla: All of us know the famous rock of Brawlhalla as ‘Kor’. Although, some players dislike him since he’s extensively used for spamming signatures. The new Battle Pass missions for Brawlhalla are out and one of them is to ‘Emote on Kors Platform’. We” tell you exactly all about it and how to complete it.

Kor: The Rock of Brawlhalla

If you spell Kor backward you get rock and basically, that’s where he gets his name from. He is like a tank with 7 defense and can even hit like a tank. You can buy Kor for 3900 gold from the store. Essentially from the army of Golems. Asgardians defeated the Elven Prince but forgot that the Golems were warriors.

And this is where Kor the ‘mighty’, ‘magnificent, ‘unvanquished’, dominating Destroyer comes from. And this is the lore of Kor in brief. You can give it a read in-game itself. Kor’s stats make him somewhat of actual rock. But besides this, there is actually a platform in Brawlhalla related to Kor.

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This brings us back to our initial question, what is Kors Platform in Brawlhalla? It has to do with a specific map. We’ll now delve into further details about it from here.

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What is Kors Platform in Brawlhalla?

what is kors platform in brawlhalla

Generally speaking, you’ll also have had this mission of emoting on Kors Platform in Brawlhalla. If you completed it by an accident and don’t know it, keep reading on. If you remember the Battle Pass missions of Brawlhalla you’ll have seen this mission there. The map we’re talking about is the Blackguard Keep.

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The secret lies behind the lore of Kor in Brawlhalla. Over there, Kor mentions that he is the mover of the left Platform in Blackguard Keep. Apparently, he moves those platforms so smoothly that no one knows that he’s behind it.

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How to Complete the Mission to Emote on Kors Platform in Brawlhalla?

Kors Platform Brawlhalla
Kors Platform Brawlhalla

So, the new update of Brawlhalla just dropped by and players are already facing trouble completing the first one. It is to ‘Emote on Kors Platform in Brawlhalla‘. Below is how you can do it in a faster way.

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Back from the Battle Pass missions, this is yet another challenge you’ll have to finish to get your precious exp. For completing this mission you’ll simply have to emote during a match in Blackguard Keep. To complete the Mission faster, leave the match if you don’t get the Blackguard Keep.

Also, you might already know this but keep Kor as your default. And it’ll only be a good time to emote when your opponent is knocked out. When his sidekick is bringing him back you can emote and get done with the mission.

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