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Today, we will discuss some ways using which you can become pro in Valorant. Valorant is a battle royale game that was released last year in June. In a short time period after its initial release, Valorant has earned a good name for itself.

Valorant saw as much as three million logins daily during its beta testing only. Many known streamers and players also showed great interest in Valorant. Harrison Chang, a.k.a Psalm, was the first major player who shifted to Valorant.

The success of any player in a game depends upon some factors that help the player while in-game. We have tried to figure out some points in Valorant, focusing on which a player can get better at Valorant.

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Self-adaptable settings to become Pro in Valorant

Settings of a player play an important role in how he or she plays the game. Many players try to copy the settings like sensitivity, button placement, and effects of famous players. But keep in mind, all players are different and have unique playing abilities.

Every player must use settings to which he or she can easily adapt without getting tired. It might take a while to figure out proper settings for a player. But once found, they can be the key to your Valorant success.


Aim Training

Aim Training is another crucial aspect. When in a match, a lot of players face the problem of improper aiming. The players must not jump straight to competitive matches without any practice. Spending 15-20 minutes every day in Practice Range until you develop better-aiming ability can help you improve your Valorant gameplay.

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Crosshair settings

Crosshair settings are often overlooked by most of the players. But this is also a crucial part of good gameplay. The default setting is fundamental for the crosshair. It would be best if you customized it according to your requirements. The right color, size, and opacity of a Crosshair can help any player to aim better and more precisely.

Understanding Recoil and Spray Patterns

There are a great variety of weapons available in Valorant. Every weapon has a recoil and spray pattern particular to it. Every player must go through every weapon for a good amount of time to understand its working.

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Efficiency in this aspect can help you decide which weapons are best suited for you and help you to comfortably use any weapon if you cannot find the weapon of your choice.

Learning from the experts

Valorant is streamed by many professional gamers online. You can watch the streams of pros and learn from them: the right tactics, understanding situations, deciding whether to rush or hold or learning skills. There is a lot of things you can learn from professional streamers by watching their gameplay.


Gaurav Priyanshu Singh
Gaurav Priyanshu Singh
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