Valorant 2024 Premier Season: Path to Pro Announced

Valorant 2024 Premier
11/11/2023 | Explore the pathway to pro in Valorant 2024 Premier Season. Learn about the Contenders league, promotion chances, and the quest for Challengers. | Credits: Valorant

Riot Games has unveiled the structure for the Valorant 2024 Premier Season, marking the gateway for aspiring players to step into the competitive ecosystem. The Episode Eight Premier season will play a pivotal role, offering Contenders league opportunities and a shot at promotion to Challengers.

Valorant 2024 Premier Season

The premier Contenders league teams will undergo a promotion/relegation event in late April 2024, providing a pathway for advancement to their respective regional Challengers league. This event serves as a crucial step for teams aspiring to climb the competitive ladder in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT).

Valorant 2024 Premier Season: Qualification Criteria for Contenders

To qualify for Contenders, every player on a team must hold at least an Immortal Three rank or higher. This rank should be relatively recent and locked in before the commencement of Episode Eight, Act One on January 10, 2024. Teams with stronger combined rankings will enjoy higher chances of securing a spot in Contenders.

Valorant 2024 Premier Season: Two Paths to Challengers

Teams that make it to Contenders will have two routes to reach the Challengers league:

  1. Open Qualifiers: The first opportunity arises through open qualifiers at the beginning of the year, allowing teams from the Contenders division to sign up and compete. Specifics about Challengers qualifiers will be communicated through official channels.
  2. Premier Season: Teams falling short in the open qualifiers can still vie for a spot in Challengers by participating in the Premier season. The stage two playoffs in Premier will determine the teams advancing to the promotion/relegation tournament.
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Valorant 2024 Premier Season: Eligibility and Player Categories

  • Active Challengers or VCT International Roster: Players on these rosters are ineligible to participate in the Premier division, emphasizing a clear distinction in the competitive tiers.
  • Game Changers Rosters: Players on Game Changers rosters, however, remain eligible to compete in the Premier division, offering an opportunity for talent to flourish.

Valorant 2024 Premier Season: Conclusion

The Valorant 2024 Premier Season emerges as the gateway for ambitious players eyeing a career in professional esports. With defined pathways, stringent rank criteria, and competitive opportunities, Riot Games aims to foster a vibrant and competitive ecosystem in the world of Valorant.

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As the Episode Eight Premier season kicks off, the Valorant community eagerly anticipates the rise of new talents and the evolution of the competitive landscape in the coming year.

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