Valorant Teases New Sunset Map: Leaked Los Angeles Setting

Sunset Map
25/08/2023 | With Sunset Map poised to make its debut, VALORANT players can prepare for a fresh gameplay experience set against the backdrop of Los Angeles’ coastal charm.

The VALORANT community is abuzz with excitement as leaked information hints at a new map on the horizon. Dubbed “Sunset,” this potential addition to the game’s map roster might transport players to the sandy shores of Los Angeles. Riot Games’ popular first-person shooter is known for its diverse collection of maps, and if the leaks are accurate, Sunset Map could bring a perfect blend of familiar aesthetics and innovative designs to the gameplay experience.

A Glimpse of Sunset Map

The name “Sunset” surfaced in leaks, accompanied by the first visuals that give players a sneak peek into what the new map might entail. The leaked screenshot posted by ValorLeaks showcases a series of buildings that exhibit the iconic Mission Revival architecture reminiscent of sunny Los Angeles. The image also reveals landmarks, including what appears to be a theatre adorned with a prominent “sunset” sign and a partially destroyed building held in place by an enigmatic force.

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Sunset Map seems to combine elements from both older and newer map designs. A basketball court, multiple levels, staircases, and intricate angles for tactical manoeuvres are visible within the leaked image. According to ValorLeaks, the new map is said to feature two sites and no movement gimmicks, setting it apart from previous designs. The absence of teleporters, doors, or massive zip lines indicates that outcomes on Sunset will be determined purely through gameplay.

Speculation and Confirmation of Sunset Map

Speculation about the new map’s location ignited with the release of the Golden Hour player card, which showcased palm trees and Mission Revival-style homes. Riot Games has often teased forthcoming content through battle pass player cards, and this trend appears to continue. Clues in a trailer involving Cypher and Deadlock discussing Kingdom Laboratories’ movements further solidified rumours. A quick comparison of a map displayed on Cypher’s monitors with an area near Long Beach, outside of Los Angeles, strongly hints at the new map’s setting.

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The wait for confirmation of the “Sunset” map won’t be long. The highly anticipated reveal is scheduled to take place during the 2023 VALORANT Champions pre-show, just before the grand finals on Saturday, August 26. As the VALORANT community eagerly awaits this announcement, the prospect of exploring the bright and vibrant landscapes of Sunset adds a new layer of excitement to the game.

With “Sunset” poised to make its debut, VALORANT players can prepare for a fresh gameplay experience set against the backdrop of Los Angeles’ coastal charm. As details continue to unfold, the anticipation builds for what could potentially become a beloved addition to the VALORANT universe.

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