COD: Warzone Mobile Latest Maps, Modes, Required Device, And More!

COD Warzone Mobile
COD Warzone Mobile is launched with exciting in-game modes and latest maps and more for the players.| Credit: Call Of Duty.

Call of Duty is here with Warzone Mobile as many delays it’s finally launched on 21 March 2024 with all its amazing features. Now users can enjoy Warzone Mobile, as this is the squeezing version of the COD for mobile. This offers impressive in-game modes that allow players to drop into Rebirth Island, Verdansk, and Multiplayer. This globally released mobile game is the translated version of the Call of Duty Warzone and provides players with the best in-game experience.

This article discusses the Warzone Mobile, which includes maps, new modes, and their in-game best location to drop, how to play with friends, and more. It is interesting how this new launch Warzone Mobile competes with other Battle Royale mobile games in the genre.

Warzone Mobile: Release Date And Trailer

This was launched yesterday at 9:00 pm IST  with all its in-game maps, modes, and more. As this mobile game goes live the server is hacked or down due to a heavy inflow of players joining. This temporary downfall is for a few hours only after that it is available for all the players and the information is given by the developer through an official social media post. Wrazone Mobile allows many players to participate in battle royale features with all the exciting newly introduced maps and modes. Move to the trailer of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile which was released on 28 February 2024, includes the launch date, weapons, airdrops view, and more.

Today on 22 March 2024, the developer introduced the first event known as Operating Day Zero. This event allows players to participate in the challenges, complete, and win the rewards in the game. The players compete in different maps and collect individual or community rewards by completing challenges across the six zones. Operation Day Zero in which players enter different in-game zones and after completing event action players get the Event Points (EP). These Event Points are available for both individuals and groups in-game.

COD: Warzone Mobile Maps And Modes

The COD Warzone Mobile battle royale involves new exciting maps for the players with thrilling experiences. These provide a wide-open battleground to fight in-game. This also allows multiplayer map availability where players compete in a challenge and win the rewards. This newly launched includes five maps in two different in-game modes: Battle Royale – Verdansk and Rebirth Island, Multiplayers – Shipment, Scrapyard, and Shoot House.

Verdansk allows 120 to 78 respectively in a match and to best places to drop into a game on this map are the Airport, Superstore, Military Base, Stadium, and Storage Town. Whereas Rebirth Island includes nine squads each containing four players. The players can enjoy the Warzone Mobile at no cost which means it is free to play worldwide.

Required Device – To Play Warzone Mobile

COD Warzone Mobile is available for Android and iOS users which requires enough free space to run the game on your device. They need approximately 8 to 10 GB of free space or 4 RAM Storage to run this new COD Warzone Mobile game. Similar to Call of Duty: Mobile this new update Warzone Mobile supports the cross-progression. Now, players a easily synch their old COD account to the Warzone Mobile by unlocking new rewards and getting all weapons, cosmetics, skins, blueprints, friends lists, Battle Royale, and more available here also.

How To Create an Account In COD Warzone Mobile

Here we mention the simple steps to create an account in the new launch COD Warzone Mobile:

  • Open the game on your device and click on the Sign-in button.
  • Then fill in the required details and sign up.
  • As an account is created now you can log in to enjoy the game.

COD Warzone Mobile – How To Invite Your Friends 

Most all the time find difficulty in adding their friend to the newly launched WZ Mobile. For this first, you will open the app, in which players move to the lobby. In this players see options such as Event, battle pass, keep store, several modes, social menu in which have to find out the team-up logo and open that to add friends in-game. This means first you have to click on Add friends, then fill in the friend’s Activation ID, and lastly send the request. These steps help players to invite other players to play the game together.

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In this, if you like to play with players who are not present in the friend list then there is one option. Click on Add Friends where you will see a list of players who recently played online. From this list, you will able to send invitations to any of them to join you in the game.

Along the side, players can also enjoy two Battle Royale in-game formats: Duos and Quads. All these formats allow players to play a team and no option is available for players to get solo experience. But there is a single way we find here that is Mobile Battle. This alternative option Will be activated by going to the menu where you can change the Battle Royal to mobile Royal, then the squad size as one, and confirm it to enjoy a solo experience COD Warzone Mobile.

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COD Warzone: Gameplay And Controller

Similar to the Call of Duty: Mobile gameplay experience It contains all the features that have smooth gameplay control by providing the overlap to become more controllable for the players. Players can get the PC-like controller in the WZ Mobile version also. Without worry, players can enjoy this game anytime on their devices.


Finally the Call of Duty: Warzone mobile is launched with new maps into in-game modes on 21 March, these modes involve maps such as Verdansk  Rebirth Island, Shipment, Scrapyard, and Shoot House. The maps provide players with a new experience with amazing control over the screen in this mobile game. The squeezed version of Call of Duty is available for Android and iOS users all over the world. This allows players to sync their Call of Duty mobile account into this WZ Mobile With all availability of the friend list, chats, weapons, skins, cosmetics, and more.

Game players are allowed to play as a team or a squad of four players. Along with that players can also enjoy this game as a single player by choosing the mobile battle from the menu. So it is interesting to see how it is complete with other battle Royal games and stands out in this genre. Along with that there is more update a waited for the users and is is free to play so, Try it now!