Top 5 Valorant Agents for Dominating the New Sunset Map

Sunset Map
17/09/2023 | While the Sunset map continues to evolve and players gain more experience, these five agents are expected to remain solid picks. | Credits: Valorant

With the introduction of the Sunset map in Valorant, players are eager to uncover the ideal agent compositions to secure victories in this vibrant Los Angeles-inspired setting. Despite its stunning design, Sunset poses unique challenges with its twisting corridors and wide-open sites. To help you conquer this new battlefield, we’ve compiled a list of the top five Valorant agents that will give your team the edge while enjoying the map’s scenery.

Harbor in Sunset Map:

    • Harbor’s abilities, including Cove and High Tide wall, offer excellent utility for attackers, ensuring safe plant opportunities.
    • Cascade can clear key areas and disrupt crossfires, making Harbor essential for securing map control.
    • On defence, High Tide can isolate opponents during retakes, making Harbor a crucial pick for Sunset.
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Cypher in Sunset Map :

    • As a sentinel, Cypher excels in controlling space, which is vital on Sunset’s expansive map.
    • Sunset offers several advantageous camera positions, enhancing Cypher’s intel-gathering capabilities.
    • Cypher’s trips provide an extra layer of defence, allowing teammates to focus on mid-control.

Omen in Sunset Map :

    • Sunset’s complex layout makes it a perfect playground for controllers, and Omen’s smokes are invaluable for attackers.
    • Omen’s one-way smokes, such as the one outside the B-Main lobby, grant him opportunities for easy picks and solid site defence.
    • His Paranoia ability is excellent for lurking and dealing with opponents in the contested middle area.

Sage in Sunset Map :

    • Sage’s versatile kit, including walls and slows, makes her a valuable asset on Sunset.
    • Her wall can deny site entrances, giving defenders an advantage.
    • Sage’s healing abilities and resurrection add extra comfort to your team, enhancing their overall performance.
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Raze in Sunset Map :

    • Raze’s mobility and explosive kit make her a formidable duelist on Sunset.
    • Her satchels allow her to navigate crossfires and reach critical areas swiftly.
    • Shotguns are effective on this map, and Raze’s mobility complements their use, making her a logical choice.

While the Sunset map continues to evolve and players gain more experience, these five agents are expected to remain solid picks. Their abilities align with Sunset’s fundamental gameplay aspects, such as lurking, mid-control, and handling open sites. With the right agent choices and strategic gameplay, conquering Sunset becomes a breeze.

So, assemble your team, select your agents wisely, and venture into the colorful streets of Sunset for thrilling Valorant battles.

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