Best Five Mobile FPS Games (May 2024) in India – Check Here!

Best Mobile FPS Games May 2024
Best Mobile FPS Games May 2024 in India that players can play to get exciting and thrilling in-game experiences. | Credit: COD Mobile.

Search for the best Mobile First Person Shooter games, if yes. Then this article is dedicated to the most played and gamers choose FPS games. Several genre games are available, but the evaluation of this category is faster. Nowadays, players love to explore different single-person campaigns along with exciting in-game features, great graphics, and a smooth control system. By seeing all the basic factors for Indian players there are surely top games with interesting features and different levels to excite the gameplay experiences. Alongside, players can collect exclusive rewards which help them during intense matches. 

Below, is the list of the best mobile FPS games May 2024 in India, and some details about the games. It includes well-known games also if you are already exploring them, then you must try others and enjoy the in-game adventures & get more thrill.

Best Mobile FPS Games May 2024 in India 

BGMI (Battleground Mobile India)

  • Developer – Krafton
  • Download link – Click Here

Between the Indian players, the most common and well-heard name of any game is BGMI. This is an FPS game, with dynamic graphics and action-packed gameplay. The Battle Royale mobile game includes engrossing modes, features, and many more to create an engaging user environment. In BGMI, the player parachutes into the island along with other opponents gamers, faces challenges, and must eliminate their enemies & stand out as the last player. 

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Free Fire

  • Developer – Garena 
  • Download Link – Click Here

You must try the free game, Free Fire, available globally for players with all the captivating in-game features it includes in the best Mobile FPS Games May 2024. If you like to play short-session Battle Royale games then this is the right pick. Allows players to explore the FF Garena with fast-paced gameplay and amazes them with lots of interesting in-game modes, items, and others. In this, the player needs to kill the opponents and must be the last to stand out on the battlefield.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

  • Developer – Activision, Activision Shanghai, Beenox, Demonware Softwarehaus GmbH, Digital Legends Entertainment
  • Download Link – Click Here

The COD launched the latest mobile version, which allows players to enjoy exclusive modes and adventurous gameplay now on mobile. This standalone plot game is integrated with the Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. It is the multiplayer Battle Royale mode, which allows 120 players. Selecting a particular item from a wide range of weapons and vehicles to survive against opponents. 

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Arena Breakout

  • Developer – Level Infinite
  • Download Link – Click Here

COD Warzone Mobile enhanced version Arena Breakout, Tencent’s latest mobile FPS free-to-play strategy-focused game. With high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay, it grabs the player’s attention. It is a multiplayer game in which the player must search for loot and fight with Monsters in the open world. And become the last person to survive in the battleground. 

N.O.V.A. Legacy

  • Developer – Gameloft
  • Download Link – Click Here

Features a multiplayer and campaign mode, it is one of the best sci-fi fantasy FPS mobile games. It allows us to explore the 19 levels including Alien City, Epsilon Búnker, and more stages. This brings various in-game modes like Deathmatch, Domination, and Team Battle. Alongside it contains dynamic weapons such as sniper rifles and plasma guns to eliminate your enemies.


Summarizing! Most of the time players find the best Mobile FPS Games May 2024 in India, but are unable to reach out. This article is all about the top shooter games that players can play to get exciting and thrilling in-game experiences. Here are the games like Battleground Mobile India, many of the players try it and grab the exciting in-game adventure along with hands-on experiences on several maps. But if you are not try this Free to play powerful multiplayer game so I suggest you go and try it now.

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Along with that, the list includes games such as Free Fire, This is also a well-known name in the gaming world. This battle royale title brings theme-based outfits and events that give a chance to collect items like weapons, vehicles, and more help to survive in the matches and stand alone as a winner. There is also the latest launch COD Warzone Mobile game version, which is now the competitor of the other mobile FPS games. Modern Warfare integrated game in which one also the player has to beat other players with collected items and stand out as the last person.

Other than this, Arena Breakout – the great challenger of games like Call of Duty, and N.O.V.A. Legacy is also the part of best Mobile FPS Games May 2024. Both are multiplayer games with powerful weapons, interesting outfits, and several loots. Go, and explore if you haven’t tried them, and share your experiences with other players.