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Top 5 Vandal Skins Ranked that you Can Buy in Valorant



Valorant vandal skins
09/09/2022 | Valorant’s one of the most overpowered gun Vandal. Credits: YouTube

In this article, you will know about the top 5 best vandal skins to use in the Valorant game. Although the game offers you many Vandal skins to use in-game, there are limited skins that are the best in their class.
They contain all the features like Reload animation, kill animation, inspect animation, different kill sounds, and much more.

1. Prelude to Chaos

It is the best all-rounder vandal in the game at present it has all the things that a player has to demand. Reload animation, kill animation, inspect animation, etc.
It is light to use and the spray connects very nicely in with this vandal
if the player wants to use all the features in a gun he should blindly buy Prelude to Chaos vandal

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2. Prime Vandal

Prime Vandal is one of the most popular vandal skin in Valorant. Players have submitted many tickets to the Valorant support team regarding the purchase. Animations, VFX, and Finisher of Prime Vandal just satisfy users and excite us. The Prime Collection was released on June 2, 2020, and leans heavily on gilding similar to the Aristocrat Collection.

Prime vandal’s shooting sound is the most common reason why people like it so much. If you don’t like being a classy vandal, then this is the right skin for you.

3. Reaver Vandal

We can call it Reaver 2.0 because the Reaver Skins were released during the BETA and were slightly darker than the current version. Still, Reaver Skin attracts users with its amazing reload animation and death animation. Also, its Kill effect with a sound effect just satisfies the user’s wish.

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Vandal skin Reaver is one of the most preferred options because it has really good sound and animation while not keeping any other distractions for the player. It is part of the Reaver collection, which was released on October 26, 2020.

4. RGX 11z Pro

RGX 11z Pro is a collection of VALORANT cosmetics. The RGX 11z Pro wasn’t very well received by Valorant fans at first. However, those who took it into the line realized that it introduced a new type of sound element.

The RGX 11z Pro counts the kill with a small screen on its geometric body. Thanks to three color variants, it is worth the exclusive price tag. Weapon models feature colored lights that can change color once they are upgraded enough.

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5. Champions Vandal

Champions Vandal was available in the game for a limited time. It arrived as part of the Champions Bundle between November 24th and December 12th and will never arrive in the store or Night Market in the future.

This skin became one of the best skins in the game as players loved its feel and animation. Its price was slightly higher, but this skin is exclusive and will be quite rare in the future. This pack was brought to celebrate the success of Valorant Champions 2021.

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