VALORANT Patch 8.03 Introduces Chamber Buffs and VCT Partner Team Skin Capsules

VALORANT Patch 8.03
21/02/2024 | Discover the latest in VALORANT Patch 8.03, featuring Chamber buffs, VCT partner team skin capsules, and bug fixes for an enhanced gaming experience. | Credits: Valorant

Get ready for an exhilarating journey in VALORANT with the release of Patch 8.03! This update introduces a range of exciting features, such as buffs for the mysterious agent Chamber and the debut of VCT partner team skin capsules. With Riot Games’ dedication to innovation, players can expect a dynamic and immersive gaming experience that will take the competitive scene to the next level.

Chamber, previously in the shadows due to recent nerfs, steps into the spotlight in VALORANT Patch 8.03 with a string of buffs designed to spark interest in the mysterious agent once again. Changes to the cost of Headhunter bullets and a boost in the firing speed of Tour De Force will see Chamber rise back up as a powerful presence on the battlefield. Moreover, the addition of VCT partner team skin capsules brings a fresh twist to the game, enabling fans to display their loyalty to their favorite pro teams while enjoying exclusive in-game goodies. As players delve into the updated features and uncover new possibilities, VALORANT Patch 8.03 signifies yet another breakthrough in the ongoing evolution of VALORANT.

VALORANT Patch 8.03 is here with a ton of thrilling changes. From boosting the agent Chamber to the debut of VCT partner team skin capsules, there’s plenty to look forward to. Not to mention the bug fixes and improvements that will make gameplay even better. Get ready to level up your experience and connect with your favorite teams in new ways!

VALORANT Patch 8.03 Chamber Buffs

Chamber is finally getting the attention he deserves in VALORANT Patch 8.03, with a new set of buffs designed to make him a more viable agent. After facing some tough nerfs in Patch 5.12, Chamber has been fighting to stay relevant in the game. But now, this update is here to help players overcome his weaknesses and make the most out of his special abilities.

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Among the notable changes are:

  • Decreased price of each Headhunter bullet from 150 to 100.
  • Increased firing rate of Tour De Force from 0.7 to 0.9.

lthough these changes may not completely bring Chamber back to his previous greatness, game developers are confident that they will improve his capacity to control territory and play a significant role in team tactics. Lowering the price of Headhunter bullets is intended to make the weapon easier to obtain during save or eco rounds, giving players more strategic choices.

VCT Partner Team Skin Capsules

Check out the latest addition to VALORANT – VCT partner team skin capsules! Fans and players can now support their favorite pro teams by purchasing one of the thirty-three capsules available in the Esports Hub. Show your loyalty and enjoy exclusive in-game content at the same time!

Each capsule features:

  • A Classic skin adorned with the team’s colors and logo.
  • Unique augmented reality inspect animation.
  • Special audio and visual effects.
  • Custom stylized player card co-created by the teams.
  • Gun buddy and spray.
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Half of the earnings from capsule sales are funneled straight to the teams, offering vital backing and acknowledgment for their hard work. This program not only solidifies the connection between teams and supporters but also enriches the esports landscape in VALORANT.

VALORANT Patch 8.03 Bug Fixes and Improvements

VALORANT Patch 8.03 has arrived to tackle numerous bugs and issues, guaranteeing a seamless and delightful gaming adventure for all players. Notable highlights encompass:

  • Updated voice lines and added interaction lines for Breach with Deadlock, Gekko, and Harbor.
  • Fixed an issue with agents appearing nearsighted in third-person view after destroying Reyna’s Leer (C).
  • Corrected rounding error in kills per round calculation in Competitive match summaries.
  • Adjustments to map elements in Sunset and Premier mode fixes.

The dedication of the developers shines through in these updates, showcasing their unwavering commitment to upholding the game’s integrity and equilibrium. They have taken into account the valuable feedback and concerns from the community, ensuring that every fix serves to enhance the overall gaming experience.


In summary, VALORANT Patch 8.03 introduces a fresh set of updates and improvements to the game, appealing to both competitive gamers and loyal fans. The enhancements to Chamber aim to breathe new life into the agent’s effectiveness in battles, giving players fresh strategies to make the most of his unique skills and weapons. Additionally, the addition of VCT partner team skin capsules brings an extra level of excitement and involvement, enabling fans to express their support for their favorite pro teams while enjoying exclusive in-game perks. With bug fixes and enhancements ensuring a smoother gaming experience, VALORANT Patch 8.03 paves the way for ongoing development and creativity within the VALORANT community, offering even more thrilling gameplay and chances for players to demonstrate their talents on the global stage.

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Players are immersing themselves in the latest content of Patch 8.03, discovering new possibilities, and reigniting the competitive spirit and camaraderie within the VALORANT community. Riot Games’ dedication to creating a vibrant and inclusive gaming environment is evident with each update, bringing players together to celebrate their love for esports. As the VALORANT esports scene grows, Patch 8.03 showcases the ongoing commitment and innovation of the developers, setting the stage for an exciting future for the game and its community.

VALORANT Patch 8.03 marks yet another stride in the game’s constant evolution, bringing exciting enhancements for Chamber and the thrilling addition of VCT partner team skin capsules. As players dive into the refreshed content and uncover fresh tactical opportunities, the VALORANT community’s competitive spirit and camaraderie flourish. With bug fixes and improvements enhancing the overall gaming experience, VALORANT Patch 8.03 paves the way for ongoing excitement and engagement in the ever-expanding realm of VALORANT.

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