Valorant Champions Bundle Skin 2021: Release Date And Price

Here are all the details you must know about one of the best skins in Valorant so far.

Valorant Champions Bundle Skin 2021
The bundle consists of 2 weapon skins

Valorant Champions Bundle Skin 2021: Before talking about all the stuffs about these upcoming skins, you need to Thank Valorant developers to create something like this. Arguably, the new bundle skins, which are exclusive for Champions 2021, are one of the best skins in the game as of now.

The skins are exclusive, which means they will not be available further in the night market or in Valorant Store. So, if you want to get hands-on with these golden-looking shiny skins, you must make your move fast towards the store.

All You Need To Know About Valorant Champions Bundle Skin 2021

Valorant Champions Bundle Skin 2021
Valorant Champions Bundle Skin

Champions is the biggest Valorant tournament of Calender year 2021. Furthermore, some of the best teams will be out there n Berlin to prove themselves the best Valorant team in the world.

Alike any other game, Riot has decided to create the hype. They started off yesterday and dropped a theme song for the tournament. Moreover, fans are loving it, and truly it’s insane.

Now, Valorant has dropped this exclusive bundle of skin for the upcoming Valorant Champions. Moreover, there are only two weapon skins in the bundle, but both of them are enough to mark their impact. Apart from the mele and Vandal skin, players will receive some player cards and titles along with the bundle.

The mele skin is Karambit, but it is one of the best Karambit in the game. The inspection of the Karambit is very unique and will make you feel worth buying. Also, there are other salient features of these skins, which we must mention here.

What’s Special about These Skins?

Before we say anything, watch the video.

There is a special kind of music played when you’ll inspect the gun. Also, your gun will be glowing when you’ll be top fragging in the game. Sounds interesting, right?

Other than this, the kill feed is the best part about this new Champions 2021 bundle skin. Moreover, if you step into that black layer, you’ll see something very unique. And this is why we were praising the developers earlier in the article.

Price And Release Date

Players need to spend around 6264 Valorant points in order to buy the bundle. Considering only to weapon skins available in the bundle, it may sound costly. But when you see the gun and everything about it, you must feel that this is a must-have.

The skin will be available in the Valorant store from November 24th. So, don’t miss out on this one because it’ll never return.

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