The Unconventional Guide to Creature Comforts Dead Island 2

creature comforts dead island 2
Creature Comforts Dead Island 2

Numerous gamers will first see Curtis Sinclair fairly quickly in Dead Island 2. He represents a few of the NPCs. This individual, who formerly enjoyed enormous cinematic success, is reportedly an “enduring legend” in the Dead Island 2 world. He will go to Emma Jaunt’s Mansion if players finish looting his home fully and rescue him due to his absence of staircases in the final phase of the Ball Side Mission.

The player protagonist can then accept Curtis’ side mission after at least finishing Amanda Styles. Curtis sends the character’s Lancer out to seek out stronger booze so that he can provide it to all of the victims in the Jaunt house. This side quest, named Creature Comforts, is primarily about Curtis attempting to do that. Let’s discuss how to carry out that request precisely.

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Location of The Whiskey In Colt Swanson’s Castle Creature Comforts Dead Island 2:

Players will be familiar with Colt Swanson’s mansion. It was the first house they explored when they arrived in Bel-Air. As Colt must be killed as an undead to progress through the game, he is already deceased at this point. However, as it turned out, there’s a lot more to this guy’s property to explore, as he reportedly has an 18-year-old cask of Ardkillin Whisky resting someplace in his home.

Exploring the estate will provide additional whisky and booze, and finally, a hint to look upwards. But if you are interested in saving a bit of time, simply go to Colt’s backyard. Turn to the right and go up the steps to the opposite side of the residence. Then go in the direction of the gaping window at the end of this route. There will be some common zombies and a crushing machine along the road, but anyone of the six slayers that this video game provides can take care of those enemies in no time.

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Steps to win the Ardkillin Whiskey:

Take caution when you enter the space after cleaning away the riff-raff. There are also a few trip hazards in this space. Be careful and stay away from them if you can, or, if necessary, activate them while maintaining some distance away. These trip wires may set off assault shotguns and exploding oil drums. Once they’ve returned and neutralized the hazards, participants should unlock the entrance to the Swanson Mansion’s upstairs corridors to gain a little more accessibility to this room.

From there, they should go to the opposite end of the room to discover a locked cupboard and a note explaining how Cindy got the key to it, along with a note that reads “Hell or High Water.”

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If you are an Apex Zombie Screamer, whose physique is a little more difficult than the normal screamer’s, you can find Colt’s Gal Cindy by going into the mansion’s showroom. She will give you Cindy’s safe key if you kill her. The first part of the side quest is finished when you take this item back to the safe place and take the Ardkillin Whiskey.