Ultimate Guide to Dead Island 2 Clean and Snatch

Dead Island 2 Clean and Snatch
Dead Island 2 Clean and Snatch

Obi, the kleptomaniacal poolside worker in the area, is the person to emulate. Obi made a career out of duping his customers out of valuable items before the zombie apocalypse. You’re fortunate since the last thing Obi ever stole at the poolside maintenance gig was a lovely Exceptional sword. This article contains comprehensive instructions for the Lost and Found Quest in Beverly Hills, including details concerning Dead Island 2 clean and snatch.

Location of the Parting Gift Lost and Found Journal in Dead Island 2:

Rikky’s home in Beverly Hills is where the Clean and Snatch Lost and Found Expedition begins. You will be granted unrestricted entry to Rikky’s pools after completing “O Michael, Where Art Thou? Narrative Mission. You can see a clipboard-topped, secured box hovering at one end of the object.

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The circuit breaker switch on the opposite edge of the swimming pool can be broken to stop the supply of power if the water source is electrified. The Parting Gift Booklet is located on the notepad.

Your first clue for this treasure adventure will be in a parting gift journal. At the Beverly Hills swimming pools, Obi embarked on a thieving rampage while laying a trail of evidence. To find additional Clean and Snatch Journals, it’s necessary to search through the various pools in the Beverly Hills neighborhood.

Whereabouts of Dave’s phone Journal of Lost and Found:

If you’ve finished the Rex Sub Mission in Beverly Hills, you’ve probably traveled to Farouk, which is the producer’s home and is immediately ahead of Rikky’s property and south of the hillside. If the entrance is closed, you can get in by climbing over the white vehicle. To the left, towards the pool, on a lounge chair, you may find Dave’s phone journal.

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Location of Note for Michael’s Journal in Dead Island 2:

After stealing Dave’s phone from Farouk’s home, proceed northwest along the road leading to Michael’s home. Jump inside his defunct pool and grab a message from the toolbox on top.

Location to Find Obi’s Keys:

Due to the fact that you have probably primarily relied on the tip that Obi left letters in the Beverly Hills region up to this point, the Clean and Snatch Mission is a bit unclear. You must figure out Obi’s whereabouts if you wish to gather the last Clean and Snatch Journal and get his keys, though.

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You may deduce that Obi may have had a romantic interest in one of the dancers from the Bel-Air Goats Barn streaming home from Dave’s Phone Journal. Obi the Swimming Pool Worker may be seen near the swimming pool area if you visit the Goats Pen home in Bel-Air. Kill Obi; however, be cautious of the nearby grinders and other zombies. After killing Obi, you will acquire his keys.

Location of Obi’s Phone and Sword:

Go back to Rikky’s home in Beverly Hills after killing OBI. The locked box that’s been dangling in Rikky’s pool may now be opened. You can find Obi’s cellphone and the last Clean and Snatch Journal within. Additionally, you will receive an arbitrary rare-tier sword! It’s high time to put it to effective use.


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