What Are the Best Weapons for Dead Island 2?

Dead island 2 best weapons
Dead island 2 best weapons

You must possess some weapons to beat or shoot zombies until they are reduced to a bloody pulp in Dead Island 2. Luckily, as you explore Hell-A, there are hundreds of weapons available for you to scavenge, earn, or purchase; each of those falls into a few distinct categories. Some of these are especially special and contain characteristics that cannot be upgraded or generated into any other item of weaponry in the game.

With such a big sandbox, it can be difficult to figure out which weapons are the strongest, particularly since each playable character functions well using multiple types. But now that we’ve finished the game with several Slayers, we understand what the best choices are. The finest early-game weapon, the best legendary firearms, and the best kinds of ammunition for each character are all part of this list of the top guns in Dead Island 2.

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Best Weapons in Dead Island 2:

While there are a few excellent weapons accessible in Dead Island 2’s initial release, the majority of them will be of the inferior improvised sort. The Electrocution Officer Sword, a rare weapon, is extremely potent compared to most other early solutions. This weapon is particularly potent for something you could get from the Beverly Hills region, although it’s comparable to Officer Swords, as you’ll find out later in your playthrough. Furthermore, an Electrocution mod will be present on it when it spawns, saving you some crafting ingredients. Here are our selections for the top five legendary weapons in Dead Island 2. Additionally, we’ve given information on how to get each of them, which will make discovering them significantly easier.

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Blood Rage:

Xian Mei’s differentiating tool from the first game is back. With every critical hit, this Headhunter knife provides stacking critical and bleed damage incentives. Additionally, it transfers bleed damage to neighbouring zombies.

How to acquire:Β Complete the Santa Monica Pier’s “Fool’s Gold” Lost & Found side quest.

Body count:

Dead Island 2’s strongest Rapid-Fire weapons. Has a high base damage and delivers Bleed damage. may cause bleeding on zombies adjacent to the ones you kill, and killing zombies boosts your damage and increases the amount of Fury you generate.

Big Shot:

A firearm that releases high-damage explosive firework-like bullets that traumatize zombies, allowing further attacks that send them flying. Adding to your humble damage when the cylinder gets low.

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A formidable Maiming flaming axe weapon with some of the most powerful area-of-effect abilities in the game is called Krakatoa. A pool of flame develops when a zombie gets the attention of and striking an ignited creature refreshes the weapon. Heavy attacks deal enhanced Fire and Limb damage whereas the weapon is primed. Significantly, this priming effect would stack multiple times at once.

Emma’s Wrath :

You can only acquire Emma’s Wrath, the cruel Bulldozer sledgehammer, by defeating the game. Primes each time you skull-stomp or counter a zombie, traumatizes them and traumatizes you. When the weapon is primed, attacking a zombie with it produces a shotgun blast. Furthermore, knocking down a zombie generates an explosive explosion.