Best Legends Brawlhalla: Top 5 Legends in Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla has over 50 different legends to choose from. This guide will provide you with the best legends in Brawlhalla at the end. So, keep reading to find out the best legends!

Brawlhalla Best Legends
Brawlhalla x TMNT

Best Legends Brawlhalla: Having a total of 54 different legends, Brawlhalla is at the top of variety. Brawlhalla includes a lot of mechanics and legends that are hard to workaround. And this is why we stumble upon deciding the best legend/character in Brawlhalla. This can be Reno, Ragnir, Diana, Fait, or Mordex in Brawlhalla.

We’ll tell you about the top 5 legends that we think are the best in the whole of Brawlhalla. However, this by no means provides you with winning every game. To win you have to play like crazy and put in thousands of hours to get to the point that you’re more capable than 75% of players.

To get the most out of the legends you use, we will provide you this analysis where you can decide which legend you want to use. These legends will surely be not easy-to-use but we can guarantee you they won’t hamper your progress at all.

What are the Different Legends in Brawlhalla?

Best Legend in Brawlhalla
Brawlhalla x Kung Fu Panda

As we have mentioned before Brawlhalla has a total of 54 different legends. But since there are so many legends it can be hard to figure who you want to play with. And this is precisely why we have made this guide right here.

Even though, there are tons of characters that have good signatures to use like Diana, Ragnir, Queen Nai, Vector, Reno, and Nix in Brawlhalla. From this vast amount, we will decide the Best Legend in Brawlhalla

List of All Legends in Brawlhalla:

We will cover each one of the legends(with their weapons) in Brawlhalla in alphabetical order:

  • Ada – Blasters, Spear
  • ArtemisĀ  – Scythe, Lance
  • Asuri – Katars, Sword
  • Azoth – Axe, Bow
  • Barraza – Axe, Blasters
  • Brynn – Axe, Spear
  • Bodvar – Sword, Hammer
  • Caspian – Gauntlets, Katars
  • Cassidy – Blasters, Hammer
  • Cross – Gauntlets, Blasters
  • Diana – Bow, Blasters
  • Dusk – Spear, Orb
  • Ember – Katars, Bow
  • Fait – Scythe, Orb
  • Gnash – Spear, Hammer
  • Hattori – Sword, Spear
  • Isaiah – Blasters, Cannon
  • Jaeyun – Great Sword, Sword
  • Jhala – Sword, Axe
  • Jiro – Sword, Scythe
  • Kaya – Spear, Bow
  • Koji – Sword, Bow
  • Kor – Gauntlets, Hammer
  • Lin Fei – Katars, Cannon
  • Lucien – Katars, Blasters
  • Magyar – Greatsword, Hammer
  • Mako – Katars, Greatsword
  • Mirage – Spear, Scythe
  • Mordex – Scythe, Gauntlets
  • Queen Nai – Katars, Spear
  • Nix – Scythe, Blasters
  • Onyx – Gauntlets, Cannon
  • Orion – Spear, Lance
  • Petra – Orb, Gauntlets
  • Ragnir – Katars, Axe
  • Rayman – Gauntlets, Axe
  • Reno – Blasters, Orb
  • Sir Roland – Lance, Sword
  • Scarlet – Lance, Hammer
  • Sentinel – Katars, Hammer
  • Sidra – Sword, Cannon
  • Teros – Axe, Hammer
  • Thatch – Blasters, Sword
  • Thor – Hammer, Orb
  • Ulgrim – Axe, Lance
  • Val – Sword, Gauntlets
  • Vector – Lance, Bow
  • Volkov – Scythe, Axe
  • Lord Vraxx – Blasters, Lance
  • Wu Shang – Spear, Gauntlets
  • Xull – Axe, Cannon
  • Yumiko – Bow, Hammer
  • Zariel – Gauntlets, Bow

So, these are all the legends with their respective weapons. Now, our analysis is based on the legends, their weapons, signatures, and their stats. There can be interesting choices made within these top 5 but make sure to give the assessment a read.

Top 5 Legends in Brawlhalla:

Some of the Best Legends that we believe are Bodvar, Ragnir, Diana, Val, and Reno in Brawlhalla. Can one of them be the Best Legend in Brawlhalla?

Reno (Brawlhalla)


Reno is the newest legend and even though there are not many things we know about the legend. One thing we know for sure is the signatures are not known to most players since he has not been played much yet.

He also has another string weapon with huge stage-covering signatures. But they have a huge hitbox. Even the Nsig on Orb can help to catch the jumps of your opponents and fling them away from the stage. He has room to grow and can become some of the Best Legends in Brawlhalla.

Bodvar (Brawlhalla)

Bodvar has one of the easiest weapons on-stage and one of the best weapons off-stage. Just everything you need for a legend. However, some of his signatures require a lot of start time and can be easily punishable.

Bodvar can be tough to play with at first. But once you get the hang of Hammer falling Sair and Dair you can easily abuse them however you like. Bodvar is just an overall package that you need for a good legend.

Diana (Brawlhalla)

Crytpomage Diana (Brawlhalla)
Crytpomage Diana (Brawlhalla)

Blasters do need a buff. The Dlight, recovery seems to be the only option for killing. End light has a huge amount of time frames. But besides this Diana is a really good legend with her signatures. You can abuse her Nsig with slide charges and catching opponents off-guard.

Bow in itself is in a really good spot. You can find easy combos if you know how to use gravity cancel Dlight. Dlight into recovery might be seeing a nerf soon. But her Ssig on Blasters needs to be tweaked a bit. And this is also why we have chosen her for one of the Best Legends in Brawlhalla.

Ragnir (Brawlhalla)

Katars, are in a really good spot right now. They need no nerfs/buffs. The Nair and Sair are excessively abusable. And since axe is also the same. Furthermore, we believe that Ragnir is the best pick.

Some of his signatures like the Dsig on Axe and neutral signature are really good to read a dodge out of opponents. The Dsig on Katars is really fast, but above plat, people will be reacting to it faster. So, don’t make a habit of using them.

Val (Brawlhalla)

This legend has the best combination of weapons so far. Her sword Nsig is something that Phazon and Pavelski both admire. Since it has such a low start-up time they’re hard to react or punish. Her sword Ssig has literally 3 different variants off-stage, on-stage, and on the edge of the stage.

Val gauntlets are just insane to play with. You can catch dodges with the Ssig, out space opponents with Dsig. Her Nsig might see a buff, with a nerf in her sword Nsig. This is exactly why she is in our top 5 Best Legends in Brawlhalla.

You can also know about the results of the Brawlhalla Pro Series here. Know everything about the Pro Series and the Draft here.

It will be really hard to single out a legend and say that they are the Best Legend in Brawlhalla. However, we have our own set of 5 Best Legends in Brawlhalla. It is advisable to use a single legend as your main and to play with them until you can. Refrain from switching legends because it is boring to play with one. So, only this way will you get better at the game.

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