PUBG New State Pro Series Finale: Teams, Schedule, Prize pool and More

PUBG New State Pro Series Finale
18/01/2023/ PUBG New State Pro Series Finale / Credits – Nodwin Gaming

24 teams have been selected for the Finale, which will take place on January 26 and 27, following the end of the Mobile Challenger round of the PUBG New State Pro Series. The location of the tournament has not yet been disclosed, however ESL has also said that the last two stages would be played at the LAN.


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For the 16 spots in the Grand Finale, which will be held on January 28 and 29, these 24 teams will compete over the course of two days. The reward fund, which will be divided among the participants based on their outcomes in the following phases, has been allotted a total of one crore rupees.

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PUBG New State Pro Series Finale Participants

The 24 teams who advanced to the next stage are listed below by name:

  1. Team GodLike
  2. Gods Reign
  3. Team Nexgen
  4. Big Brother Esports
  5. Skylightz Gaming
  6. Try Hard
  7. Global Esports
  8. Team XO
  9. Team S8UL
  10. Team Insane
  11. 7SEA Esports
  12. Bad Davils
  13. True Rippers
  14. Team Tamilas
  15. The World of Battle
  16. WSF Esports
  17. Wanted Esports
  18. Reckoning Esports
  19. Team Zero Gravity
  20. Team Xspark
  21. Revenant
  22. Hyderabad Hydras
  23. Chemin Esports
  24. Udog India

PUBG New State Pro Series Prize pool Distribution

PUBG New State Pro Series Prize pool Distribution / Credits – Nodwin Gaming

The top team in the earlier stage was Team GodLike, who excelled in all 22 of their games. With 244 points at an average of almost 11, they won four Chicken Dinners. Even though Gods Reign behind them by only two points, they fought valiantly.

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Big Brother and Nexgen have both had captivating episodes, maintaining their consistency all the way through. When they were at their best, Skylightz Gaming and Global Esports took fifth and seventh place, respectively.

Team XO and S8UL, two well-known teams, performed admirably and successfully qualified for the PUBG New State Challenger Finale. In the competition, both titans will aim for the victory. The previous season had a middling performance from 7SEA, Team Tamilas, and WSF as they struggled in certain games.

Despite their inconsistency, Team Xspark, Revenant, and Chemin managed to qualify. These teams must improve their recovery plans for the Finale. The best team in the PUBG New State Qualifier Finale stage, Udog India, was unable to duplicate its success and placed 24th in the standings. The team will undoubtedly strive to regain their ideal shape.

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