PUBG New State 0.9.44 Patch Notes: Maintenance Schedule

PUBG New State 0.9.44 Patch Notes
17/01/2023/ PUBG New State 0.9.44 Patch Notes / Credits – PUBG New State

Later this week, the Battlegrounds will be shut down for PUBG New State 0.9.44 Patch Notes maintenance while developers finalize preparations for this month’s release. With this upgrade, additional content and other enhancements are to be expected. If the maintenance schedule changes, this notification will be updated accordingly.

PUBG New State 0.9.44 Patch Notes

  • Enhancements to vehicles
  • Upgrades to the weapon
  • Upgrades to the ranking system.
  • Newly added in-game customisation.
  • Drone Store Discounted
  • Fresh Arena ( TDM).
  • New Unique Option for Budget-Friendly Devices
  • Every SMG has been skillfully tuned.
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Updating the Game after the Maintenance:

If you experience problems downloading the update, force closing the app or restarting your device can help. Then try downloading the update once again.

For some devices, the update might not be available right away on store applications.

The procedures below should be followed if a store app’s update button is not displaying correctly:
[Play Store for Google]

To get the update, go to [Google Play] -> Search [NEW STATE MOBILE] -> Tap the [Update] icon.
Samsung Store
Search for [NEW STATE MOBILE] in the Galaxy Store, then click the [Update] button to get the update.
Download the update for [NEW STATE MOBILE] by selecting [Menu -> Update] from the Galaxy Store home screen.

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Search for [NEW STATE MOBILE] in the App Store, then click [Update] to obtain the update.
To view pending changes, either tap the Profile symbol or your profile image (upper right). To download the update, locate [NEW STATE MOBILE] and hit update.

Hot-Time Tier Bonus Changes by Krafton

Krafton has updated New State Mobile with a ton of new features, content, and other things. You are being informed of the planned modifications to the Hot-Time event by Krafton. For the final two weeks of Season 6, the tier bonus will be applied at a 150% rate on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Krafton is aware that some of you might be having problems following the most recent upgrade. Here is a list of known problems for which we are presently developing remedies. As further problems are found, this warning will be updated.

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