New State Mobile A-Squad Invitational: Invited Teams, Schedule, and More

New State Mobile A-Squad Invitational
22/12/2022/ New State Mobile A-Squad Invitational / Credits – New State Mobile official

Future battle royale game New State Mobile is looking at the eSports scene in India. After working with Snapdragon for both invite-only and open tournaments, Krafton is getting ready to organise the first official invited event of New State Mobile. The New State Mobile A-Squad Invitational is a competition that will include a total of 16 invited teams.

At the moment, Krafton is starting events, which is beneficial for players since it keeps the esports scene alive. Esports have become more passive since BGMI was outlawed in India, and people that participate in them aren’t given the option to play any other games. When it comes to New State Mobile, it’s essentially the same as PUBG Mobile, so players can transfer to this game and follow the esports scene as well. If you’re an esports player, if you fully change the game it’s hard to adjust since the game has a completely new system.

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New State Mobile A-Squad Invitational Invited Teams

There will be a total of 16 teams competing for the title of champion. The team in first place on the leaderboard will be declared the winner

16 Invited Squads:

  • Gorax Gaming
  • SJR Gaming
  •  ZCKL
  •  Gabbar OP
  •  Ultra Gamers
  •  Chief-YT
  •  RC YT
  •  Esca Gaming
  • Slim YT
  • Oath Esports
  • Vizz Gaming
  • Atom New State
  • MrHitBolt
  •  LitexPro
  • Anahata Tamil
  •  Delta 28

New State Mobile A-Squad Invitational Format

There are 16 invited teams, and the competition is taking over the span of two days. It is quite interesting to see your favourite creator perform in the competition despite the short format, which lasts for just two days and five matches each day. Because Krafton is the host, we can observe that the broadcasting production is likewise of the highest calibre.

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