PUBG New State Pro Series Final Day 2: Overall Standings, Highlights, and More

PUBG New State Pro Series Final Day 2
28/01/2023/ PUBG New State Pro Series Final Day 2 / Credits – esl india

The top 24 teams in the PUBG New State Pro Series Finale are preparing for the stage’s second and final day after an action-packed Day 2 on January 27. In the first four games they played on the first day, some well-known teams struggled to perform well.

Day 2 will be crucial for all of the squads, despite this. This is due to the fact that the top 16 teams will secure their spots in the Grand Finale when all of their matches are completed today, January 27, and the remaining teams will be eliminated from the competition.

PUBG New State Pro Series Final Day 2 Overall Standing


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PUBG New State Pro Series Final Day 2, Match Order

16 teams from Groups A and B will compete in the first two games, while teams from Groups A and C will compete in the following two games. Teams from Groups B and C will compete in the last two games.

  • Match 1 – Erangel (Group A and B)
  • Match 2 – Troi (Group A and B)
  • Match 3 – Erangel (Group A and C)
  • Match 4 – Troi (Group A and C)
  • Match 5 – Erangel (Group B and C)
  • Match 6 – Troi ( Group B and C)
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Finale Teams

Group A

Team ESN
GodLike Esports
Reckoning Esports
Deadrow Esports
Udog India
FS Esports
Hyderabad Hydas
Big Brothers

Group B

True Rippers Esports
Chemin Esports
Global Esports
Team Tamilas
Team XO

Group C

Team Insane
The World of Battle
Skylightz Gaming
Team Zero Gravity
Wanted Gaming
Gods Reign
Team XSpark

PUBG New State Challenger Finale highlights

Popular team S8UL Esports dominated Day 1 of the Challenger Finale to take the lead position. They consumed three Chicken Dinners, garnered 70 points from their four battles, and had 38 opponents eliminated.

GodLike also had a spellbinding performance on day one, earning 45 points with 33 frags. The squad wasn’t able to get a Chicken Dinner, but their constant play throughout every game ensured that they would finish in second place. Reflexer from GodLike played really well and stood out among his teammates.

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Team XO also shown maturity and wisdom. At the end of Day 1, they still retained the third position. Despite not being able to accumulate many placement points, their 24 kills allowed them to move up the standings. They played four games, scoring 30 points overall.

Following the conclusion of all of their matches in the PUBG New State Challenger today, the top squads will be hoping to maintain their positions. If they wish to advance to the Grand Finale, the squads who finished 17th through 24th will need to step up their performance.

Popular teams like Team XSpark, UDOG India, and Revenant Esports struggled on Day 1 and will need to step up their game and approach the competition differently on Day 2.

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Other teams, like as Gods Reign, who have recently put up a strong performance, are clinging to the qualifying slots by a thread. To keep their chances of competing in the PUBG New State Grand Finale alive, they also need to do significant accomplishments today.

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