Global Esports has Announced the PUBG New State Mobile Roster

Global Esports has announced the PUBG New State Mobile roster
04/01/2023/ Global Esports has announced the PUBG New State Mobile roster

Prior to the Pro Series Mobile Challenger phase, to which the company has been accepted, Global Esports made an official announcement of their squad for PUBG New State on January 3, 2023. The third round of the massive tournament will include competition between 16 invited and 16 qualifying squads for 24 spots in the Finale.

The well-known Indian group posted a statement on the new lineup on their official Instagram account:


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Roster for PUBG New State by Global Esports

The following is the official PUBG New State roster for the Indian organisation:

  1. Noddy
  2. Shubham Jaybhaye Sanjay (AJ)
  3. Rahul
  4. Sj27
  5. Rj75
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The roster is looking forward to their first formal competition on January 5, 2023, when they will compete in their first event under the organization’s flag.

Lineup’s previous performance

The Unstoppables, the team name of this group when they participated in the TEC PUBG New State Mobile Open, finished sixth overall. They put up some decent opposition against the best teams in the competition, finishing in a respectable place. At last, S8UL Esports emerged victorious in this competition.

This group competed in the Snapdragon Invitational as a member of Team Insane, where they had an average performance and placed 10th in the Grand Finals. The fact that some of the teams who participated in that competition will also be competing in the next Mobile Challenger suggests that by this point they would have learned from their errors and improved.

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Sj27 and Rj75 have participated in several third-party tournaments throughout their extensive playing time together and have gained a lot of expertise. The Villager Esports Winter Masters Invitational was held in April of this year, and both players competed as a part of the Direct Rush squad. They finished ninth overall on the leaderboard.

In the Upthrust Esports Challengers Showdown Season 1 competition, the two athletes competed together and finished ninth. Over the previous few months, the other three members of Global Esports have also taken part in numerous notable competitions.

Because of New State’s success, numerous Indian organisations have signed lineups for Krafton’s battle royale in recent months. Popular esports organisations in the nation, like S8UL and GodLike, unveiled their teams for the title after the Pro Series announcement with its enormous prize fund of Rs. 1 million.

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Global Esports’ BGMI squad had a tremendously successful first half of 2022, winning a lot of competitions, however, its well-liked game was abruptly outlawed in July. In the forthcoming PUBG New State event, the company is convinced that its newest lineup will see a similar level of success.