PUBG Mobile Release New Gilt Set Serpengleam Set with Upgradable Firearm, and more!

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile introduced a New Gilt Set Serpengleam Set with an upgraded firearm and more. | Credit: PUBG Mobile

The wait ended as the PUBG mobile officially released a new Gilt Set ‘Serpengleam Set’ on social media platforms. From 23 Feb 2024, it is available for all PUBG players. The announcing trailer revealed the stylish collectible containing the gilt, upgradable firearm Serpengleam – AWM, and more. If you think How you will draw the first set of this new gilt so, here is the answer. Only by 10 UC (Unknown Cash) you can able to try this all-new Gilt Set with all its upgraded features.

PUBG Mobile lastly introduced a Gilt Set in the Esports Fantasy event such as Foxy Flare, Decisive Day Skin, and others. The gilt set – Foxy Flare provides a whole new fashion level to the game. With its amazing design and eye-grasping details. From head to toe, every piece exudes a creative stylish character. Now, move to this latest introduced gilt set – Serpengleam Set information.

PUBG Mobile Introduce: Serpengleam Set

The upgraded gilt set is here with the updated firearm Serpengleam – AWM and with the unique Elimination Broadcast. This Elimination Broadcast comes with a new form for PUBG Mobile lovers. It also includes the On-hit Effect and more. The new Gilt Set Serpengleam Set comes with a new stylish look. As seen in the release clip, PUBG continues with its eye-catching details and sleek design. This trailer reveals the most fashionable head-to-boot look in this new upgraded gilt set.

How Many Ways To Get Free UC In PUBG Mobile

The premium currency, UC is the only real money-buying currency present in the PUBG world. Unknown Cash is a way to buy several exclusive cosmetics, Rename cards, collectibles, Royale Pass, and more items you want. There are more currency types present like Battle-Point (BP) and G-coins. These currency you can earn by completing the level in-game. Here are the ways to get the Free UC –

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Redeem Codes – 

The best and the most known way to get the free UCs is to redeem codes. Various Mobile games have codes in-game and PUBG Mobile is not a different one. By using them you can earn cosmetics or UCs too in-game. The official website, developer, Tencent Games generally releases these codes on multiple platforms.

By fishing out these codes from the internet, then no official website moves to the redemption center and copy-paste them. Last fill in your credentials and captcha in-game to get the free UCs.

Play Points by Google Play Store 

The most common medium is doing the assigned task through a digital store (Google Play Store). In which used to do all the tasks given by them in a particular given duration. This involves downloading an application and using it for a few days and the end putting the feedback based on your experience. Now you get the Play Points which you can cash out. Another way where you just directly purchase the UCs by the in-app feature.

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Sponsored by YouTube 

YouTube offers free UCs, by sponsorship. These involve often application games or tasks that yield in-app tokens or currencies as well. By using the YouTube providing, application installed link you can get bonus rewards. After collecting these tokens, cash out them and buy the UCs.

Conclusion –

The release of this new gilt set – Serpengleam Set by PUBG Mobile will definitely loved the the users. This eye-stopping, thrilling, and new gilt set has come with a unique Elimination Broadcast, On-hit Effect, and upgraded firearm is impresses the players surely. So, here we end, still connected to get more updates.

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