PUBG Mobile New Royal Pass: M19 And M20 Leaks

PUBG Mobile New Royal Pass M19 And M20
09/12/2022/ PUBG Mobile New Royal Pass M19 And M20/ Credits – PUBG Mobile Official

The PUBG Mobile new royal pass is coming in a few days. The royal pass has a lot of amazing items that will be quite exciting for players. The pass will be available with the PUBG Mobile 2.4 update. It’s a new year’s theme, so it looks quite unique. There are two brand-new themes that are both mythical: Lover Island and the theme for the new year. We may also view new avatar frames obtained by finishing the New Year’s event.

New Gameplay And Items

Back For Honor – After getting eliminated and recalled by a teammate, players can issue a revenge mission. If the original eliminator accepts, they become a target and their approximate location gets revealed to the revenge seeker. Revenge seekers can get rewards by eliminating their target within the time limit to complete the mission. Otherwise, the targeted player obtains the rewards.

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Dancing Lion – Lion dance themed two-person vehicle. Fast and agile with the ability to jump and dash. It can be stored in the backpack and used without limit.

Grappling Hook – Fire a grappling hook at a target to pull yourself towards it.

Martial Arts Arena – Many martial arts arenas will appear in the game, half of which will be open to players at all time. However, the rest will remain locked. Only at the end of the countdown will they be made available. Dancing lion can only be obtained from the crates found in the middle of the martial arts arena.

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Metro Royal Updates

  • Added 1 new map that is divided into basic mode and advanced mode. This map will provide even more supplies to players.
  • Added new ziplines and stairs to help players move about quickly.
  • Added new NPC enemies and bosses to provide a new PVE experience.
  • Added 4 new sellable items (Biological sample, processor (GPU), gold piles, lens). They will only be spawned on the new map.
  • Increased advanced armor’s resistance to explosive damage.
  • Increased basic inventory capacity increased to 30.