Can You Play COD Mobile With PS4 Players? Complete Details

Can You Play COD Mobile With PS4 Players
Can You Play COD Mobile With PS4 Players

Can You Play COD Mobile With PS4 Players: Certainly, many players look up to play COD Mobile to crossplay with various devices other than mobile. Therefore follow up on this article to know whether players can crossplay COD Mobile with PS4, Xbox, and PC.

Call of Duty Mobile is another beast deriving from the same Call of Duty Franchise by Activision. And, as the name suggests the this version is specifically developed for the mobile users.

While, there are other versions concluding Warzone, Black Ops and Vanguard compatible with the other devices except for mobile. Therefore, Call of Duty had launched the exclusive mobile version called COD Mobile 2 years ago.

Moreover, many players lookout to crossplay COD Mobile itself with other devices like PS4, Xbox, and PCs. But the question that arises is, is crossplay possible with COD Mobile? Here is the answer.

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Can You Crossplay COD Mobile with PS4, Xbox and PC Players?

For the players willing to play with their friends over PS4 or Xbox, crossplay is not possible for them. Precisely, players can not play COD Mobile with PS4 or Xbox players.

But according to quora, COD Mobile does not feature different servers for different versions and therefore crossplay is possible.

Moreover, players can legitly crossplay COD Mobile with PC players using emulators. Meanwhile,  players using emulators will be only able to match with emulator players and not with any mobile players. Here’s how players can install CODM on PC.

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Here are the Steps to Download COD Mobile on PC:

Download COD Mobile on PC
Download Call of Duty Mobile on PC

Players can install and play Call of Duty Mobile on PC by using Gameloop. Gameloop is Tencent’s official emulator by which players can download COD Mobile or any game on their PC. Players may get banned if they use any other emulator except Gameloop. Therefore, here are the steps.

Step-1 – Firstly, players need to download Gameloop on their device by clicking on the link.

Step-2 – After installing gameloop on your respective device, launch the app.

Step-3 – After launching it, open gameloop and navigate the games section.

Step-4 – In the games section, click on Call of Duty Mobile or players can also search for Call of Duty Mobile on the search option.

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Step-5 – Further, click on it and start the installing process of COD Mobile on your device.

Step-6 –  After completing the installation, head to the ‘My Games’ section in Gameloop and you will see COD Mobile listed there.

Step-7 – Click on play to launch the game and thereby players can play COD Mobile on PC easily.

Moreover, players using emulators will be only able to match with emulator players and not with any mobile players. Although if players are using mobile but invite and play with friends that use emulators, you will only be matched with teams that have both mobile and emulators.⠀

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