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iQOO BGMI India League Day 1 Cancelled Over Technical Problems

iQOO BGMI India League
23/02/2024 | iQOO BGMI India League Day 1 postponed. Exciting format changes and team updates await. Stay tuned for intense battles!| Credits: BGMI

The iQOO BGMI India League’s Day 1 had to be postponed due to unexpected technical glitches, much to the disappointment of fans and participants. Originally scheduled to kick off on February 22, the tournament will now start on February 23 and 24, beginning with Day 2.

Teams and fans eagerly gathered at the Noida Indoor Stadium at 4 pm on February 22, only to face connectivity issues that hindered the matches from starting. Despite attempts to fix the problems, organizers had to make the tough call to cancel Day 1.

The first match, which was supposed to start at 4 pm, was delayed until 9 pm due to technical difficulties. With the integrity of the tournament in mind, organizers decided to prioritize fairness and equality among all teams. Plans are being made to continue the competition on the remaining two days, focusing on resolving the encountered issues.

iQOO BGMI India League 2024: Format Revised to 14 Matches

The iQOO BGMI India League 2024 has undergone a format change, reducing the number of matches from 18 to 14, with each day featuring seven intense battles. The competition promises to be thrilling, with teams expected to adopt aggressive strategies right from the start. Utilizing a 10-point scoring system, the event will offer fewer placement points compared to the previous 15-point structure.


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Meet the Competing Teams:

The event will see 16 top-tier BGMI teams competing for supremacy:

1. Entity Gaming
2. Team Soul
3. Team Tamilas
4. Medal Esports
5. Team XSpark
6. Blind Esports
7. Hydra Esports
8. OR Esports
9. Gujarat Tigers
10. Enigma Gaming
11. Gods Reign
12. Skulltz Esports
13. GodLike Esports
14. Revenant Esports
15. FS Esports
16. Carnival Gaming

Exciting Team Updates:

GodLike Esports has strengthened their lineup by recruiting Apollo, a former star from Revenant Esports. Meanwhile, Shadow has been named as the new captain for Team XSpark, signaling a fresh start with promising talent.

Omega of Carnival Gaming has stepped down from the active roster, making way for Neyoo to join the team. Despite Omega’s success in leading the team in the past, this change was part of a strategic plan.

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Teams to Keep an Eye On:

Entity Gaming and Team Soul have been dominating the ESL Pro Series and iQOO Pro Series 2024, establishing themselves as top contenders. On the other hand, Gods Reign faced challenges in the ESL BGMI Pro Series but are determined to bounce back in the iQOO BGMI India League 2024.


The iQOO BGMI India League’s Day 1 was met with an unexpected delay due to technical issues, resulting in a rescheduling to February 23 and 24. Despite this hiccup, organizers are committed to ensuring fairness and equality among teams, addressing challenges before the competition resumes.

In light of the delay, the format of the iQOO BGMI India League 2024 has been adjusted to include 14 matches instead of the original 18, promising seven intense battles daily. With a new 10-point scoring system in place, the competition is set to be fiercely competitive, with teams gearing up with aggressive strategies.

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Exciting roster changes include GodLike Esports signing former star Apollo from Revenant Esports and Team XSpark appointing Shadow as their new captain. Additionally, Neyoo joins Omega following their departure from Carnival Gaming, marking a strategic shift.

Entity Gaming and Team Soul are seen as top contenders, having shown dominance in past tournaments, while Gods Reign looks to bounce back from previous challenges. Fans are eagerly anticipating thrilling matches and standout performances from their favorite teams as the competition progresses.