PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update Leaks, New Features and More

PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update Leaks
18/03/2023/ PUBG Mobile 2.5 Features / Credits – PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile 2.5 version is almost here, and developers have already provided the patch notes for the imminent update. Together with additional updates and improvements, players will experience gaming content focused on the game’s fifth anniversary.

The 2.5 updates for PUBG Mobile will also bring the event-based game Nusa Tycoon, the World of Wonder gameplay system, the Imagiversary fifth-anniversary mode, and more. To access the new features, gamers must install the forthcoming update, which is planned for release on March 16.

PUBG Mobile 2.5 Feature

New game with a theme: Imagiversary

The well-known BR shooter has been around for five years as of the 2.5 release. To commemorate PUBGM’s fifth anniversary, Tencent will release Imagiversary, a brand-new themed gaming mode, on March 18. Up to April 19, the game will still feature the time-limited gameplay. Players will visit new locations in Erangel and Livik throughout their stay, including Imagination Plaza and District.

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There will be a lot of containers in the bigger area known as Imagination Plaza. Little boxes must be placed in each of the four spots in Imagination Plaza to build a greater creation at the centre and get numerous sophisticated supplies. The Imagination District, on the other side, is smaller yet provides comparable cutting-edge products in a lesser quantity.

Together with the Imagination District and Plaza, themed goods in the Imagiversary gameplay based on Livik and Erangel include the Block Cover, Portal Trampoline, Dual-Purpose Cannon, and Supply Converter function (for backpacks).

New gameplay system – World of Wonder

After the release of the patch update, the new game mode/playthrough system in PUBG Mobile 2.5 will be called World of Wonder. Together with the first user-made custom game modes ever included in PUBGM. It will include map templates, the number of which will grow with further upgrades.

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Presently, the map templates that will be included in the game are Erangel, Coral Reef, Jade Realm. And Bird’s Perch. By using the officially offered items, decorations, and structures to construct their environment, one may let their creativity run wild on these maps.

Tanks coming to Payload

The introduction of strong, heavily armoured tanks in Payload mode, located in Erangel, will be made possible by the “Tank Flare Gun.” Along with the tanks, Payload will receive improvements to the Supply Store, where players may use Shop Tokens to bring back their eliminated comrades.

Moreover, an M202 quad-barrel rocket launcher may be obtained through the Super AirDrop and Super Weapon Crate in the game.

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New tactical attachment and slots

Gun Shield, a new tactical attachment and slot for the DP28 and M249, is being introduced by developers. While a player is prone, it will automatically unfold to protect from hostile fire. Moreover, with the PUBG Mobile 2.5 update, DP28 and M249 are optimized.

New gameplay – Nusa Tycoon

Nusa Tycoon, is a brand-new event-based gameplay feature, including city-building components that players will see in the PUBG Mobile 2.5 update. The three primary structures on an island that may be owned by Regal Resort, Mystery Cavern. And Cargo Terminal need to be updated.

Players will be able to unlock new appearances throughout the event after renovations, which will result in a rise in the island’s prosperity.

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