PUBG Mobile BAN PAN Anti Cheat Report: Week 48

PUBG Mobile BAN PAN Anti Cheat Report
12/12/2022/ PUBG Mobile BAN PAN Anti Cheat Report / Credits – PUBG Mobile official

Players are currently getting hackers in every match, which is ruining the user experience. Players are frustrated by cheaters because they damage the gaming experience. PUBG Mobile developers are always working on anti-cheat measures to ensure that hackers are permanently banned from the game. PUBG Mobile has an anti-cheating feature called BAN PAN, which collects reports and punishes hackers who cheat. Cheater accounts are being quickly banned thanks to the ban pan anti-cheat programme. The PUBG mobile developers are presently concentrating on gamers and their time in the game who can play without cheats.

PUBG Mobile BanPan Report

12/2 to 12/8, permanently suspended 317,063 accounts and 5,315 devices.

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During week 48, removed 25,419 online cheat ads with 168,770,161 followers and views.

The usage of auto-aim to shoot adversaries led to the banning of 19% of cheaters. The use of X-ray vision to locate the enemy through the wall was prohibited for around 61% of the people. For utilising speed hacks to overtake their opponents and gain an unfair edge, 5% of users were banned. For employing an altered version of area damage—killing other players with the aid of enhanced bullet damage—10% of cheaters were subject to a ban. Because they had been utilising third-party plugins to change their characters, 5% of the hackers had been banned.

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Does PUBG Mobile BanPan Anti Cheat Work?

As you can see, players are getting a large number of hackers in matches, which raises the issue of why the anti-cheat system does not ban every cheater in the game. The developers are doing their best, but there is still to be done in anti-cheat. There are numerous hackers that hack brutally in the game and are not banned. Pubg Mobile is gradually working on it, and hackers are being banned as a result. Every season as it begins, there are many hackers. They prohibit them, but it is too late for players who rank push to receive minus points from hackers. Rank pushing is also an important aspect of the game, but many are less interested in it these days due to hackers. Still, the anti-cheat programme need refinement, and they are doing an excellent job; we hope that the game will be played without hackers.

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