PUBG Mobile x Karol G collaboration: New Carol G skin revealed

The PUBG Mobile x Carol G collaboration has brought forth two brand new costumes that the player can accquire!

PUBG Mobile x Carol G
Karol G (image via. caknowledge.com)

Player Unknown Battlegrounds has been undertaking several collaborations to improve player experience and also to introduce new items. Here is a the new collaboration between PUBG Mobile x Karol G and the items that players can unlock in the game.

The latest PUBG update has brought many new changes and among them is a collaboration with the famous pop-star Karol G. Karol G is a Colombian singer and songwriter and has many albums like Manana Sera Bonito and Ocean. The singer is all set to make an appearance in the game as a outfit themed around her. This skin is playable and players can obtain it through grinding or a bit of luck.

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PUBG Mobile x Karol G: How to get the outfits?

YouTube: Wynnsanity

The PUBG Mobile x Karol G collaboration will end on June 21, 2023. Till then, players can get the outfits that are a part of her $trip Love Tour. These are special and unique costumes that will not be available anytime else. The collaboration was massive event for both the parties, and Karol G was clearly excited to be a part of the gaming community.

When asked about her thoughts on this collaboration, she said,

“I’m excited to partner with PUBG Mobile to offer my fans the chance to play my exclusive character and rock two of my favorite costumes from my $trip Love Tour. It was really important to me that my in-game character reflects my style and my strong and spicy personality. It’s been an incredible experience collaborating on this epic campaign and seeing elements of my new album ‘Mañana Será Bonito’ come to life in PUBG Mobile. From now until June 21st, squad up with your Besties in the world’s best battle royale mobile game.”

Players will need to open the special Karol G crate that can be found in random spawn locations on the map. The chance for it to appear is random, and only with a bit of luck can you actually get this skin. If you are lucky and get the crate, simply opening it will give you the Carol G costumes permanently. The costumes also come with unique voice lines by Karol G herself.

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