Professional PUBG Mobile Player Suk is Signed by Weibo Gaming for an $809K Transfer Fee

Professional PUBG Mobile player Suk is Signed by Weibo Gaming for an $809K Transfer Fee
13/01/2023/ Professional PUBG Mobile player Suk is Signed by Weibo Gaming for an $809K Transfer Fee

Feng “Suk” Shujie, a seasoned Game for Peace/PUBG Mobile player, has been purchased by Weibo Gaming for the next season for a transfer price of $809K. (5.46 million Yuan). Suk has always been an important player; in fact, this is the third time in a row that a team has paid more than $800K for him. Several players were advertised for transfer during the 2023 Spring Split auction period, which was set to run from January 9 to January 11.

Professional PUBG Mobile player Suk is Signed by Weibo Gaming

Tencent annually offers a sizable prize pool to the Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL), a franchise and renowned esports tournament for Game for Peace in China. Two seasons with a combined prize fund of more than $8 million and 21 franchise teams were played the year before.

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By purchasing ELG (Elite Esports) in 2021, Weibo Gaming joins the Game for Peace Esports. The choice paid off as ELG won the Peace Elite Asia Invitational and PEL 2021 Season 1 back-to-back, both important competitions. Additionally, the organization won the Douyu Gold League in 2021, but after on, performance suffered.

Suk’s incredible journey so far in PUBG Mobile/Game for Peace

Suk began his professional career in 2018 with Edward Gaming, but he gained notoriety after being signed by Four Angry Men (4AM) in February 2019. He has accomplished several outstanding exploits for the company. Suk and his teammates won the PEL 2019 championship and emerged in second place in the Peace Elite Championship (PEC), which featured PUBG Mobile teams from various nations.

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Suk’s winning streak continued in 2020 as he and his team earned podium finishes in all significant Chinese competitions, including the PEL Season 3 championship.

Then, in the first-ever PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC), he put on a masterful performance, helping his team win the League Stage and place second in the Grand Finals, earning him the MVP and Gunslinger trophies.

Suk was placed on the transfer list and signed by The Chosen (TC) for an enormous transfer price of around $820k when 4AM’s results declined in S1 and S2 of the 2021 PEL. The team went on to finish second in the following two PEL campaigns that year. Suk won the MVP prize for his outstanding work in PEL 2021 Season 4.

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Suk was then bought by Titan Esports Club (TEC) for a transfer price of $800k when Titan Esports Club (TC) struggled in the 2022 PEL Summer. Since they may have fared better in the fall edition, the team change was damaging. He eventually changed his mind and chose not to retire after posting an emotional letter on his social media pages.

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