Global Esports CEO Valorant’s Plans For Franchising In Asia

Global Esports CEO Valorant's Plans For Franchising In Asia
Global Esports CEO Planning To Franchise Valorant Game In Asia

Riot Games plans to introduce a franchised league system for Valorant in 2023, which will be a catalyst for change across the game’s esports landscape. The new tournament format will replace the existing VCT circuit, which has been in place since the game’s inception in 2020.

Although we do not yet know all of the details, it is clear that Riot wants to make its esports more stable and long-lasting. Since Valorant’s popularity has significantly increased, with a player base of over 10 million people worldwide, the game is moving.

Valorant is strengthening its tournament structure, which solidifies its position as one of the leading esports titles soon. The system is designed to create more stability and opportunity for professional play across all regions.

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The community’s response has been mostly positive thus far. Many see this as a move that will improve the competitive League of Legends and are excited to witness its development. Only time will tell how successful these changes will be, but Riot seems confident the game will maintain its rank as one of the top esports titles.

Valorant International Franchise Leagues

Since Valorant announced its move to a franchise model, there has been some skepticism from the community. However, this hasn’t stopped many top-tier organizations from exiting competitive Valorant.

Global Esports is the only Indian team remaining in the race for a 2023 slot in Asia’s franchise league. As of right now, they’re progressing to stage 3 of Valorant’s international leagues’ selection process. Even if they don’t go with the franchise model, they’ll continue fighting for an opportunity to represent India globally.

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The fall of Valorant has been nothing short of a disaster. It’s been a tough few weeks for competitive Valorant, to say the least. Several top-tier organizations have announced their withdrawal from the game, attributing Riot’s recent decision not to accept their bids for partnership as the reason.

In Africa, players are worried about the issues they face in their everyday lives. However, in India and South Asia, many rosters are uncertain about their future. Despite this, Velocity Gaming has stated that it will stay to see what Riot has in store for them next.

The franchisor is counting on the developer to provide further information about the global franchise league structure in the coming weeks.

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