S2G Esports won the PMGC 2022 Grand Finals

S2G Esports won the PMGC 2022 Grand Finals
09/01/2023/ S2G Esports won the PMGC 2022 Grand Finals / Credits – PUBG Mobile

In PMGC 2022, S2G was an underdog squad from a less competitive area. By winning the regional PMPL Turkey, they advanced to the group stage and were assigned to the Red group. In three weeks of fierce combat, they destroyed their rivals to advance to the finals.

The top sixteen teams from across the globe convened for the grand finale in Jakarta, Indonesia, where they competed for a prize pool of over $2 million. PMGC 2022 Winner S2G was the most reliable team in the latter stage, appearing in all eighteen of the matches.

PMGC 2022 Grand Finals Points Table

Check the Overall Rankings of PMGC Grand Finals:

Four Angry Men kicked off the competitionโ€™s final day with a bang by defeating DRS Gaming in the 13th match at Erangel.
14TH Match โ€“ Miramar โ€“ Alter Ego Limax, one of the unexpected victors from yesterday, defeated the invincibles of Miramar, S2G, and Geek Fam to win WWCD.
15TH Match โ€“ Sanhok โ€“ Vampire Esports unexpectedly defeated Wolves to win the WWCD.

16th Match โ€“ Erangel โ€“ Vampire Esports repeated their previous matchโ€™s performance to win WWCD, while Geek Fam, who came in second place in the Miramar, put up a similar performance to take first place.

17th Matchย Miramar โ€“ย  In an effort to create an intriguing conclusion, Alpha 7 Esports made every effort to catch the leaders, S2G, and finished second to IHC, who received their first WWCD of the day.
18th Match Erangel โ€“ Vampire Esports capitalised on their momentum to conclude the competition in grand fashion by capturing their third WWCD of the day.

The following is the final prize allocation among the top three teams:

S2G Esports โ€“ $510,000
DRS Gaming โ€“ $292,000
Alpha7 Esports โ€“ $217,000

PMGC 2022 concludes the PUBG Mobile esports season for 2022. The teams will now take a vacation before returning for the spring competitions in a few months.

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