PMPL 2023 Spring Indonesia Day 1: Overall Standings, Highlights, and More

PMPL 2023 Spring Indonesia Day 1 Overall Standings
16/02/2023/ PMPL 2023 Spring Indonesia Day 1 Overall Standings

After five tough matches, the PMPL 2023 Spring Indonesia‘s first day came to an end. With 49 points and 27 frags, Team MORPH took the first spot on the leaderboard. The team won the match all day long and earned a chicken meal in the process.

BOOM Esports, who also performed admirably by accruing 45 points, took second place. 29 finishers and a chicken meal were obtained by the unit. In addition, HFX Esports put out solid efforts throughout the whole day, finishing third with 33 points and 21 frags. Popular teams Bigetron RV and Persija Evos performed mediocrely today, finishing in seventh and eleventh place with only 28 and 22 points, respectively.

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PMPL 2023 Spring Indonesia Day 1 Overall Standings

Day 1 Highlights

MORPH Esports made a strong first impression by winning their first match with 11 kills earlier in the day. Popular team Bigetron Esports placed third with three frags, while AURA Esports took second place with six frags after playing admirably.

After six eliminations in game two, Pigmy Team managed to get a covert chicken meal. Kagendra, who finished as the runner-up, was the match’s standout performer. The team intimidated every other team, resulting in a staggering 15 eliminations and 25 points for the game. With nine kills, Persija Evos, another well-known team, was able to take third place in the match.

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In the third match, BOOM Esports got going and secured a tactical chicken supper with nine kills. They were followed by Team MORPH, who finished second with eight kills after having another fantastic game. ARF Esports, the underdog team, came in third in the competition.

With 11 kills ascending the leaderboards in the fourth match, HFX Esports, which was down at this point, demonstrated their skill. With 10 eliminations, VOIN Esports took second place in this match, and GPX finished third with three kills.

Eight kills helped Dewa United win the sixth game of the day. After the first day of the PMPL, the squad laboured all day, but they maintained their place and moved up to seventh overall. Team MORPH finished third, solidifying their hold on first place, while Team RRQ came in second.

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