Minecraft Guide: How to Tame a Donkey in Minecraft?

| Minecraft Guide: How to Tame a Donkey in Minecraft?
Sunday, 18 September 2022
| Minecraft Guide: How to Tame a Donkey in Minecraft?

Do you want to read bout the animal donkey that appears in Minecraft? Explains the characteristics, how to tame, how to stack chests, how to multiply, and how to create mules from donkeys. In a nutshell, a donkey is a horse that can hold a chest. Although it is slower than a horse, you can not do it, and it is possible to carry items by holding a chest.

In addition, unlike horses, it is also characterized by not being able to wear horse armor. They appear under the same conditions as horses, but they appear less frequently than horses. Donkeys are smaller than horses and can do with their long ears. Only one kind of color.

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How to Tame a Donkey in Minecraft?

Donkeys are not tamable to attach chests and saddles. The way to tame is to ride the donkey many times. Ride by pressing a button that uses a tool (right click, ZL button, etc.) with nothing in your hand. If you haven’t tamed it, it will shake off after a while, but get used to it by riding it again and again.

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After a while, a heart mark appears, which is a sign that it will tame. This allows you to attach chests. Even if you miss the heart mark, if you open the inventory while riding, the taming is complete. However, even if it is time, it cannot operates itself without a saddle.

How to make Saddle in Minecraft?

When you open the inventory while riding a tamed Minecraft Donkey, you will see a donkey screen, and on the left frame there is a place where you can attach a “saddle”. If you equip a saddle there, you will be able to operate the donkey while riding. Fishing is a good thing if you want to get a saddle early on!

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How to Use the Chest?

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You can attach a chest to a tamed donkey by holding a chest and using a tool button (right click, ZL button, etc.). There are two ways to open it. Press the tool button while crouching against a donkey with a chest. Ride a donkey with a chest, then open the inventory
Crouching to open the chest is good because it opens the chest more quickly. If the donkey dies, the contents of the chest will scatter, so watch out!

How to Raise Donkeys in Minecraft?

If you give a specific item, a heart will come out and you can breed. To increase the number of donkeys, feed two tamed donkeys with golden carrots or golden apples. If you give the above items, a heart mark will appear.

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And horses with heart marks will get hit by each other and after a while, a young Minecraft Donkey will be born. Baby donkeys grow on their own over time, but you can speed up their growth by giving them.

This is all you need to learn about the Donkeys in Minecraft. There are many animals and mobs which provide you with some different advantages. In the real world, the donkeys are just for labor work, and it’s no different in Minecraft.

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