All About Horses in Minecraft: Basic Guide

Horses in Minecraft
A horse in Minecraft

There are a lot of Mobs in Minecraft. And they all have unique abilities assigned to them. However, there is one Mob that everyone loves. It has the capability to travel with you. Or let’s say that to carry you to infinity and Beyond. Yes, we are talking about the Horses in Minecraft.

They are the best companion for your long adventures and journey. Moreover, some versions of them even carry items for you. They are best for long journeys. However, they are really tough to tame. Right? Don’t worry, because you are in the right place.

Where to find Horses in Minecraft?

Horses in Minecraft
horse in plains

The Horses usually spawn naturally in Minecraft. However, that doesn’t spawn in every biome. They can only spawn in 2 Biomes. Those are- The Plains and The Savana Biomes. Moreover, they spawn in the Group of 2-6. So, if you found one, you must tame one. Because having a horse is a blessing in Minecraft.

How to Tame a Horse:- 

Well taming a Horse in Minecraft is really a very difficult task. They are the only Mobs in Minecraft that take a very long time to get tamed. So to tame a Horse in Minecraft, you need to follow these steps.;

  1. Find a horse first. Well, that is obvious.
  2. The horse that you will find is going to be a Wild Horse.
  3. Then get on the Horse by right-clicking on it.
  4. The Horse will dismount you.
  5. Click on it again and repeat this process until there are hearts coming out of the Horse.
  6. Once you see hearts coming out of the Horse, that means that you have tamed your horse in Minecraft.

Now, you can ride the horse. But to Ride the Horse you must place a saddle on it, first. Also to protect your horse from deadly mobs, Make sure to equip it with good armor. Moreover, the efficiency of the Horse can only be figured out by riding it.

Types of Horses in Minecraft:-

There are three types in Minecraft. All these have different capabilities and features. One can have them in their collection of horses. However, there are mules and donkeys too. Nut let’s just forget them. The types are-

  • Normal Horses:- These are the normal horses that you can find easily in the overworld. They spawn naturally in the plains and Savana Biome. They are in groups of 2-6 and you can tame them.

    Horses in Minecraft
    skeleton horse
  • Skeleton Horses:- The Skeleton horses are passive mobs. They usually spawn during rain. Just like the Normal Horses, they can be tamed too. You can ride them. Moreover, you can ride them in the ocean bed, too.

    Horses in Minecraft
    Zombie Horse
  • Zombie Horses:- The Zombie Horses in Minecraft are the only horse that doesn’t spawn naturally. You have to use a cheat to spawn them. Moreover, you can not tame them too. to tame them, you again have to use a cheat.

How to Find Saddle?

Horses in Minecraft
Saddled Horse


Well, all those horses are useless if you don’t have a saddle. You can find a saddle in multiple places in Minecraft. They can be found in Villages, Nether Fortresses, Ruined portal’s chests, and Bastion Remnants. Make sure to at least have 2. Find them and enjoy your ride.

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