Brawlhalla Active Input: What is Active Input?

What is an Active Input in Brawlhalla? From the mechanics of Active Input to completing the Battle Pass missions for Active Inputs in Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla Battle Pass Season 4
Brawlhalla Battle Pass Season 4

Brawlhalla Active Input: If you have played Brawlhalla for a while you should know that there’s a specific term called Active Input. What is the meaning of Active Input in Brawlhalla? Don’t worry if you don’t know it yet, by the time you reach the end of the article you’ll have an idea of what it means. We’ll also tell you how to complete the Active Input attacks quest in Brawlhalla here.

What is the Meaning of Active Input in Brawlhalla?

The meaning of Active Input is that the signature or attack that you’re using can actually be altered before it is completed. So, whenever your move is not finished you’ll have to press a different key to alter the direction of the signature.

There are different characters and weapons that have the active input. We’ll discuss them later on here. If you already know about active input signatures you can skip to the end to know all the legends and characters for the quest.

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Mechanics of Active Input Attacks:

The way the Active Input works is when you use a signature or an attack on your opponent there is a short time before the frames are actually completed. This is where Brawlhalla mechanics can be altered. Between this short time frame, you’ll have to press the directional key you want to send your opponent in.

To explain we’ll take the neutral air or Nair attack on Scythe. Try grabbing your opponent (or even a bot) with the Nair. After trying it out without pressing any other keys you’ll notice the opponent goes in the same direction as yours. However, if you grab them and press the key in the opposite direction (for our example on the left/right) they’ll be sent in that direction.

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How to use a Reversal Signature in Brawlhalla?

How to Use Active Input Signatures in Brawlhalla?

Get KOs with Active Input Version of Attacks
Get KOs with Active Input Version of Attacks

This will depend upon your Elo as to which signatures/moves you can use. For example, if you’re very high Elo you might face opponents that can literally dodge out of your signatures. In such cases, you might be better off finishing them with the Scythe attacks like Down Light.

If you’re somewhere near Platinum, or below you can use the signatures easily for KOs. Now, this is not only for the Battle Pass Mission but for the new Mordex Skin as well. In the General missions section (bottom left of the image above) you can see the mission.

Weapons for the Active Input:

The weapon you can use for this is Scythe. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know any other weapons players can use for the purpose.

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Characters (And their Signatures) That’ll Work:

active input attack brawlhalla

Below is the list of characters you can use for completing the quest:

  1. Mordex (Gauntlets Down Signature and Scythe Down Signature)
  2. Fait (Scythe Side Signature and Orb Down Signature)
  3. Petra (Gauntlets Side Signature)
  4. Mako (Down Signature on Katars)
  5. Volkov (Scythe Side Signature)

If you think we are missing out on any characters and their signatures please do mention it at the end of the article here. This will also help other players to complete their missions and get the new Mordex Skin. This is all about the Active Input Attacks and Signatures in Brawlhalla.

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