Brawlhalla Pro Series: All you Need to Know

Brawlhalla Pro Series Set-1 for NA was held two days ago. To know more about the teams, overall standings, and performances of the teams keep reading till the end.

Brawlhalla Pro Series NA Set-1
Brawlhalla Pro Series NA Set-1

Blue Mammoth Games held the Brawlhalla Pro Series tournament this week two days ago. The whole concept of the Pro Series is just mind-blowing. Over here we’ll discuss the concept of the Brawlhalla Pro-Series, the matches, the teams, the draft, and the overall standings of the Set-1 in NA.

BMG organizes this tournament every year. This year they decided to hold it during Autumn. Generally, the Pro Series is after this time of the year. However, this time they also added a new feature of the crew battles themselves. This was also a feature in-game.

This year they’ve fascinated everyone by holding a 1 million $ prize pool for the community of Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla Pro Series Draft: What It Is and How it Works?

Brawlhalla Pro Series Draft
Brawlhalla Pro Series Draft

It is essential to throw some light on Brawlhalla Pro-Series Draft before we move on any further. It is the deciding factor of who gets who in their team and hence chief to know about.

Firstly the top-3 seeds (of a region) decide a team according to which players are distributed according to their regions. The top 3 seeds are the core of the team and can battle in Crew battle or 2v2 whichever they prefer.

This follows a reverse seed order of the top 3 chosen for each player. The teams each decide the players they want. After the top 3 decide the teams, they can choose whatever order of players in crew battles and whoever they want to.

How does the Brawlhalla Pro Series Work?

There are 3 different parts of each region going against another. They have divided the matches as follows:

  1. Crew Battles (Best of 3)
  2. 2v2 (Best of 5)
  3. Tie-Breaker (If both of the above are tie matches, Best of 3)

The Region specification brings in a ton of combinations but also limits the ability of the team towards their region. There were a total of 6 different regions in NA. Divided into 6 different Brawlhalla Pro Series teams for July 2021:

  1. Northwest
  2. Midwest
  3. MDVA
  4. South
  5. Canada
  6. West

Also, an anchor is selected from each team for their Tie-Breaker matches. These anchors go head to head to decide which team wins in case the Crew battle and 2v2 matches are tied.

Set-1 of the Brawlhalla Pro Series 2021:

Pro Series Match Schedule
Pro Series Set-1 Match Schedule

Playing the first set was Team Northeast and Team West. This time the in-built feature for crew battles comes in handy since players won’t have to go one by one to fight against each other.

Team Northeast consisted of Sandstorm, Snowy, and Zinquer for the crew battles while Team West consisted of Zexis, Wubz, and Java.

Team Northeast vs Team West:

Team Northeast honestly anyone would take it for granted that they would be the winners. However, Team West didn’t actually go easy on them. Maybe with a better team co-ordination they could have completed the tournament better.

Crew Battle:

This was a match everyone was looking forward to since Java, the only player who went crazy on Sandstorm, in the Winter’s Championship. This was a time for a rematch as well.

But as we expected the Summer Championship and considering the World’s PR-1 player, Sandstorm’s team won. However, it was not only his contribution but team gameplay.


Now, it is so fortunate that the Northeast had Santy and Simba as their 2v2 team. The team that has played for so many years together. The team managed to get the dubs against Blaizzy and Luna.

Santy and Simba fell weak at first but gaining momentum and adapting to their opposition made a huge comeback. Further, preventing their team from the Tie-Breaker.

Team Midwest vs Team Canada:

Team Midwest ahs a crazy amount of firepower while Team Canada has some of the craziest players in the whole of Brawlhalla Pro Series in 2021.

Crew Battle:

From Team Midwest we had Boomie, Wrenchd, and Tiffany while coming from the Team Canada were Pugzy, Crockie, and iThrow. Boomie absolutely destroyed some of the stocks of Team Canada. While Crockie was not at his best from the team.

In the end, Team Midwest took the win for the crew battle. The anchors were Boomie and MegD from their respective teams.


Phazon and Zacoi (Team Midwest) going against Cosolix and MegD (Team West). Another emerging player MegD who has destroyed absolutely some of the top seeds with his katars gameplay.

Before judging from the gameplay of MegD, Phazon and Zacoi (Team Midwest) made it really close towards the end making it to a 2-2 score and unfortunately losing the last match.


Boomie went against MegD with his Onix. Meanwhile, MegD had his katars primed for the matches. The reads from MegD are at an insane level. However, Boomie was not far behind and adapted to bring the score at 2-1. Making Midwest take the win for the match.

Team MDVA vs Team South:

The Brawlhalla Pro Series third set was against two of the good-ranked players. MDVA certainly could perform better but unfortunately didn’t do really well.

Crew Battle:

Team MDVA consisting of ImLlama, Lil-capped, and Sting ray while Team South had Ethan, Pier, and Noel. Pier is usually known for his insane Rayman and Ethan for amazing spear gameplay.

ImLlama another emerging player performed really well. Sting Ray really playing any character that he likes and turns around lost matches. The Crew battle was taken by the Team South.


In the 2v2 we had Cody Travis and Remmy from Team MDVA while HardyMJ and Noel. HardyMJ is especially known for his Teros and Cody Travis the Barraza. However, Team MDVA took this for them.


The classic Ethan-Hattori gameplay and Sting Ray swapping on to the Ragnir as the counter pick. The tie-breaker reached to 1-1 score. Sting Ray took the dubs for the team South while Ethan got really close to almost making it back in the set. This was the end of the Brawlhalla Pro Series Set-1 for July 2021.

Overall Standings from the Brawlhalla Pro-Series Set-1 2021:

  • Team Northeast1
  • Team West0
  • Team Midwest1
  • Team Canada0
  • Team South1
  • Team MDVA0

Overall, the win from Northeast was quite expected since it had the PR-1 player but the matches had a huge story behind them. The loss of Team Canada could have been because of a bad match-up. Or maybe even a lack of teamwork.

The loss for Team MDVA wasn’t predictable at all, however, Team South didn’t perform badly at all. The Brawlhalla Pro Series teams are not all balanced but nonetheless, players are performing exceptionally well this year.

All the matches were close and the scoreboard doesn’t always tell you everything. To watch the full matches you can watch their live streams on Brawlhalla Twitch.

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