Is Genshin Impact Cross Save and How Does it Work?

is genshin impact cross save
10/11/2022 | Genshin Impact CrossPlay can be cross-saved between the PC version, smartphone version, and PS4 / PS5 (PSN) accounts. | Credits: Twitter

This is an article about whether you can cross-play and cross-save in Genshin, and the advantages and disadvantages. Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games on the internet. So the question arises is Genshin Impact cross-save? And we are here to answer your questions.

Furthermore, it’s available for almost all types of devices and consoles (except Xbox). So, if you want to play your Genshin on different devices or with a friend on different devices then keep reading this blog post. 

Does Genshin Impact Support CrossPlay?

  • Yes, It Corresponds! “Genshin” supports cross-play, which means playing together on different game consoles. For example, PS4 users and smartphone users can play together in multiplayer.
  • Cross-play is possible between users with the same server: Genshin can be cross-played only by users with the same server. When playing with your friends, be sure to choose the same server.
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Benefits of CrossPlay 

Multiplayer can be done together even if the game machine is different

The first merit of Genshin Impact CrossPlay is that you can multi-play together regardless of the game machine (hardware). If you want to play with your friends and family, you don’t even have to match your console.

Can be limited to the same hardware

At the time of crossplay, it is also possible to set it so that multi-play can be performed only with the same hardware. For example, if you are on PS4 and want to play multiplayer with only PS4 users, you can set it to PS4 user-only multiplayer from “Options”.


More hard choices to play the game

Another advantage of Genshin Impact CrossPlay is that you have more choices of game hardware (models). It’s a good idea to choose the hardware that suits your style, such as “I want to play casually on my smartphone” or “I want to play for a long time at home on PS4”.

Disadvantages and Precautions for CrossPlay

First, the PS4 is slow to load and it is difficult to keep pace with the laps. In cross-play, PS4 loads much slower than smartphones and PCs. When playing multiplayer with multiple people in laps etc. Furthermore, it takes a long time waiting for the PS4 user to load. Therefore, for those who want to play Genshin Impact CrossPlay, it is recommended to play with hardware other than PS4.

Second Smartphones tend to get hot and are not suitable for long hours. Genshin has a large capacity, and in the case of smartphones, the terminal tends to get very hot. There is a high possibility that the limit of one playtime for smartphone users is about 30 minutes to 1 hour, so it is not suitable for long laps with other users.

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Is Cross-Save Possible in Genshin Impact? 

Yes, it is  Possible: Genshin Impact CrossPlay can be cross-saved between the PC version, smartphone version, and PS4 / PS5 (PSN) accounts. However, it is not possible to link accounts between “PSN accounts that have already played Genshin ” and “email addresses already linked to the HoYoverse passport”, so if you want to link, prepare an unplayed account.

How to Cross-Save in Genshin Impact? 

  • Step 1: Open the options screen with the account you are playing
  • Step 2: Open the account screen
  • Step 3: Associate an account from the management screen
  • Step 4: Start the terminal you want to cross-save
  • Step 5: After starting, select the linked account from the new account and enter the requested items, and the account linkage is successful.

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