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Kaveh Potential: The Ultimate Genshin Impact Kaveh Build Guide

01/01/2024 | Unlock the full potential of Kaveh in Genshin Impact 3.6! Discover the best weapon and artifacts for optimal Dendro damage in this comprehensive build guide. | Credits: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact enthusiasts eagerly await the arrival of Kaveh, the Dendro Claymore user, in the upcoming 3.6 update. As part of the second phase alongside Ganyu and Baizhu, he introduces the Dendro element to the game, promising powerful elemental bursts and team synergy. This guide delves into the optimal Kaveh build, focusing on unleashing the full potential of his abilities.

His banner takes centre stage in the second half of the 3.6 updates, breaking the norm of new characters appearing in the first phase. As a four-star character heavily reliant on his Elemental Burst for formidable Dendro damage, choosing the right team composition becomes paramount for maximizing his effectiveness.

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The Ideal Kaveh Build

  1. Weapon: Mailed Flower

    • Boosting Elemental Mastery by 48 and attack by 12%, Mailed Flower stands out as a solid choice for him. This weapon is geared towards enhancing Kaveh’s ability to deal substantial Elemental Mastery-based damage. Alternatively, the Wolf’s Gravestone can be considered for increasing the attack of other team members based on enemy health.
  2. Artefacts: Flower of Paradise Lost (Four-Piece)

    • The Flower of Paradise Lost set proves to be the ideal artifact choice, emphasizing Bloom damage and benefiting Dendro characters. The two-piece bonus provides an 80-point increase in Elemental Mastery, while the four-piece bonus grants a 40% boost to Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon reaction damage. Additionally, characters gain an extra 25% bonus. This set can be farmed from the City of Gold artefact domain in the Sumeru Desert, requiring completion of the Archon Quest Prologue: Act III Song of the Dragon and Freedom and reaching Adventure Rank 22. Another viable option is the four-piece Gilded Dreams, offering increased Elemental Mastery and attack after elemental reactions.
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Strategies for Optimal Gameplay

To fully capitalize on his abilities, it is crucial to prioritize his Elemental Burst, Painted Dome. This burst deals substantial Dendro damage, particularly from Dendro cores. Given its high energy cost of 80, choosing weapons and artefacts that enhance energy recharge and Elemental Mastery is essential for consistent burst availability.


Prepare for the arrival of Kaveh by embracing this recommended build, incorporating the Mailed Flower weapon and the Flower of Paradise Lost artefact set. As the Dendro element makes its debut in Genshin Impact, he promises to be a valuable addition to any team composition, offering unique elemental synergies and potent burst damage. Stay tuned for updates on the Genshin Impact tier list and additional insights as we delve deeper into his capabilities.

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