Genshin Impact Fontaine update brings in New Story and Map expansion

Genshin Impact Fontaine will be the biggest update for this year, with a brand new area and many new quests.

Genshin Impact Fontaine
Fontaine in Genshin Impact (image via. afkgaming)

Genshin Impact will soon be getting a new expansion that will move the story forward. This comes with the introduction of a brand new area that will be available to the players. Genshin Impact’s Fontaine region will be bringing in a lot of new items, places, characters, and even enemies.

Fontaine will be a brand new region that will be added to the existing map of Genshin Impact. Teyvat is ever-expanding as more and more content is being added to the game. There has been mentions of Fontaine in the story mode of Genshin, and players can now physically visit the place after this update. But there have been several speculations about the region and also some confirmed facts.

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Genshin Impact Fontaine: All that we know 

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Fontaine will be the next big expansion in Genshin Impact, and is one of the seven nations of Teyvat. It will be be a city which worships the Hydro Archon Focalors, and will be a city which will be a attraction for arts and culture.

Many speculate that Fontaine is based on France. With the large area being added there will be several new NPCs, enemies, and characters. However, if the story line is to be taken into account, Fontaine is supposed to be a technologically advanced nation, with several items from the current storyline being credited to this nation. However, the kingdom is also said to be on the decline, so players might get many quests to unravel the situation.

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Some of the locations that are confirmed to be added are as follows:

  • Petrichor – Town in Fontaine
  • Fleuve Cendre – Ash River
  • Opera Epiclese – Opera building in Fontaine which holds court
  • Lumidouce Harbor
  • Romaritime Harbor

Characters and NPCs

There will be a ton of major NPCs arriving in the region, which will give players the expansion on the main story. Moreover, players will be getting 3 brand new characters that will be added to the banners.

  • Freminet will be a Cryo Element carry and a 4 star character. She will be a unique DPS carry, with the ability to switch between Cryo and Physical.
  • Lynette will be a Anemo Element support which will be a 4-Star.
  • Lyney will be the 5-star in the Fontaine expansion and will be a main DPS carry. She is a Pyro element carry which means she will be dealing huge amounts of damage and applying burns.
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These are all the things that have been revealed for now. Players will need to wait for Genshin Impact Fontaine to release a month from now to know the full details.

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