How to Unlock Characters in Brawlhalla? A Beginner’s Guide

In this guide, we'll tell you everything on how to unlock All Characters in Brawlhalla. Apart from this, there are two ways you can unlock the characters which will be mentioned at the end.

how to unlock all characters in brawlhalla

How to Unlock Characters in Brawlhalla? With over 8.5 million players in Brawlhalla, the game ranks 24th on the list of Steam player count. But the game isn’t quite as easy for beginners. There are a total of 53 playable characters that you can unlock in Brawlhalla. And this brings us to our original question, how to unlock them? Also, get to know about the Brawlhalla All Legends Pack from Steam below.

Brawlhalla Legends:

As we mentioned earlier there are a total of 53 playable characters in Brawlhalla. Now, these characters or Legends have a weekly rotation. These are random characters and you’ll find them changing every week. Every character that is unlocked weekly will have an exclamation mark below them.

This can become confusing sometimes since the characters you’ll get used to at the beginning will keep changing. Although you’ll find similar weapons usually the legends are nowhere near the same as each other. So, you’ll have to unlock all the characters to play them in Brawlhalla.

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Lastly, there are 9 legends you’ll get for each week that you can play for free. Apart from this, you can manually buy them from the Store. We’ll discuss this further here.

Have you completed the Reversal Signature quest in Brawlhalla’s Battle Pass yet?

How to Unlock All Characters in Brawlhalla?

brawlhalla all legends
Brawlhalla Store for Legends

Now there are two ways that you can do this. One of them is the hard way but if you’re going Free-to-play in the game this is your only choice. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending some extra bucks on the game you can go for buying the All Legends pack in Brawlhalla.

Before you go on to read below, mention the characters you unlocked in Brawlhalla first in the comments section below.

Unlock All Characters on the Free-To-Play Side:

For the F2P side of players, you’ll have to grind a lot more than the paying side. This will be because each character will cost you a specific amount of gold coins. The prices go from 900, 1800, 2300, 3900, 5400 gold. There are some legends that will cost less and some that will cost more. This is how to unlock the characters in Brawlhalla on the Free-To-Play side.

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Go to Store->Legends and buy the characters that you like to play with. You can try out the characters in Offline or Training mode. This is

However, the catch is that from any ‘Ranked’, ‘Online Play’ you’ll only get up to 30-40 gold. And this is why it is a bit hard for the Free-To-Play side.

Brawlhalla Gold:

Since we’re on this topic, you can get gold from Free-For-All, Strike-out, Friendly 2v2, Experimental games. But you can get more gold in Ranked sessions. Apart from this, you also get gold from Brawl of the Week, Daily missions which are a boon for the Free-To-Play side.

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Another hard concept for beginners is the Active Input for different weapons and signatures. Find our guide on them here.

Pay-to-Play side:

brawlhalla all legends pack
Brawlhalla All Legends Pack

Brawlhalla is definitely not pay-to-win. In order to become some of the best players in Brawlhalla, you’ll have to grind around 4000-5000 hours. Even after which you won’t be guaranteed to win at tournaments. Regardless, Brawlhalla offers the All Legends Pack to buy on Steam.

If you don’t wish to grind this hard you can buy the All Legends pack for $19.99 from the Steam Cart. We hope that now you can unlock all the characters to play within Brawlhalla.

After you buy the All Legends Pack you’ll have each and every legend coming out even in the future on the Legends screen. Basically, this will ensure you can have fun with each and every character. For more Brawlhalla Updates, News, Character Covers, and much more you can contact us here.

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