How to Increase KD Ratio in Free Fire MAX 2023

How to Increase KD Ratio in Free Fire MAX
03/03/2023/ Increase KD Ratio in Free Fire MAX / Image via moroesports

One of the greatest shooting games accessible on top app stores is Free Fire MAX because of its attractive shooting mechanics. Also, the game has in-game statistics where players may choose to either raise or preserve their K/D ratio and victory rate.

The kill/death ratio is a statistic that shows how many adversaries players eliminate throughout a match. Players that have a high K/D ratio can join respected guilds and earn the title of expert. As a result, they are always trying to discover new techniques to enhance their skills and score more goals in each game. The five most effective suggestions for improving the K/D ratio in Free Fire MAX are provided in this article.

Increase KD Ratio in Free Fire MAX

1. Utilize appropriate character and pet pairings

Players may equip a variety of interesting new creatures and characters from Garena‘s store. These entities can be redeemed by gamers with diamonds and gold coins. Events would be another method to get them. Players won’t need to use any in-game money in this situation.

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Entities in FF MAX have unique skills that are particularly useful for taking down foes. One can benefit from using this. Gamers may make effective character and pet combinations, such as Chrono and Rockie, where the former can utilize the Time Turner ability to build an impenetrable wall while the latter can shorten the cooldown of the current skill.

2. Choose safe landing areas

Choosing a decent landing site is the fourth piece of advice on this list for gaining more kills in Free Fire MAX. Gamers must choose a location that is comfortable for them and delivers quality stuff, such as tools and weapons.

It will be simple for players to create superior tactics and eliminate their opponents if they have access to beneficial materials. Gamers may pick where to land depending on factors including whether it gives a suitable place to utilize for third-person peeping, has a high-ground advantage, or has three to four teams landing there.

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3. Use good sensitivity settings and controls

Via the use of its numerous in-game settings, Free Fire MAX provides a ton of personalization choices. The HUD controls and sensitivity settings are the most beneficial for improving gaming. Using the latter, players may reposition the various buttons that are present on the screen. They will be able to switch from the standard two-thumb claw arrangement to a three-finger one as a result, which will boost their reflexes.

On the other hand, sensitivity settings are quite important for enhancing the overall aim accuracy and recoil control of many weapons. By accessing the Settings menu, gamers may modify the sensitivity.

4. Play more aggressively

Playing aggressively is advised when it comes to enhancing the K/D ratio. Players will gain confidence as a result of this and discover more foes to take out, raising their overall kill total.

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Gamers can select trustworthy friends who will aid them in finding cover in challenging circumstances. Finally, players can land in hotspots, where most players like to congregate at the beginning of the game, to get more kills.

5. Work on close combat

Working on your close-quarters fighting abilities is the ideal strategy for gamers to use in their games to get more kills. Smaller maps in Free Fire MAX and close-quarters combat predominate. As a result, when engaging in combat with enemies close by, players must have good aim and precision.

In the practice fields of FF MAX, players may practice various drills to improve their aim. To improve their headshot accuracy, they may also play in 1v1 custom rooms with their pals.

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