March Exclusive Elite Pass: Season 46 Elite Pass In Free Fire

Season 46 Elite Pass (March Elite Pass)
Season 46 Elite Pass (March Elite Pass)

Season 46 Elite Pass: In Free Fire, there are a lot of cosmetics to get, and the Elite Pass is one of the best methods to get them. Individuals must accomplish tasks to acquire badges, and after accumulating a certain number of them, they are eligible to claim the rewards. In this article, you will get to know complete details about the March Elite pass.

The March Elite Pass is expected to be released on 1 March 2022. Gamers will be able to pre-order the pass a few days before it goes live, as is customary. Currently, the Season 45 Elite Pass is available in the game and will be available through the end of February. (meta-calculator.com)

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Free Fire Season 46 Elite Pass Details

Users will be able to purchase the two premium variants of the pass i.e. the Elite Pass andΒ  Pre-order Elite pass for 499 and 999 diamonds, respectively. Although, the pre-order elite pass comes with additional benefits like direct badges, exclusive bundles, and more.Β  This Elite pass is going to be based on the Copper Light theme. The Exclusive rewards of the Season 46 Elite pass are listed below.

  • Motor Bike Skin- Copper Light
  • Neon Dolly(Avtar)
  • UMP- Copper Light Skin
  • Gear Engineer Jacket (Female)
  • Bronzed Owl(Banner)
  • Gear Wear Jacket(Female)
  • Mechnicia Bronze Bundle
  • Bronzed Owl(Avtar)
  • USP- Copper light
  • Pastel Work T-shirt
  • Mech Bunny Skyboard
  • Machine Dolly (Banner)
  • Gas Blast- Grenade skin
  • Machine Dolly (Avtar)
  • Genius Skull loot box
  • Evolution Stone
  • Smart Bunny Backpack
  • Mechnician Brass Bundle
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Furthermore, the above awards will only be unlocked after a certain number of badges have been collected. The badges can be purchased or earned by completing assignments.

The Elite Pass area also has free rewards available to everyone, including elite pass holders and non-holders. Even so, players are just required to complete daily missions and collect the badges to earn those rewards. However, it only includes normal rewards like gold coins, vouchers, backpack skin, etc.

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