How to Get Wings of Starlit Feast Skin for Free in Genshin Impact

Get Wings of Starlit Feast Skin for Free in Genshin Impact
22/02/2023/ Get Wings of Starlit Feast Skin for Free in Genshin Impact / Credits – HoYoverse

Genshin Impact requires four Prime Gaming packages to get the Wings of Starlit Feast Wind Glider. Although Prime Gaming has offered free trials in the past, it is theoretically possible to get the skin for nothing.

You may still get a variety of benefits even if you decide to pay for Premier Gaming. Gifts for several additional video games are among them, as well as Amazon Prime and all of its perks, Prime Video, Amazon Music, and limitless picture storage with Amazon Photos.

The Genshin Impact monthly packages are most significantly yours to claim. Throughout the first two weeks of June, you can gather any four to get the Wings of Starlit Feast.

To obtain a free copy of Genshin Impact’s Wings of Starlit Feast Wind Glider, go to Prime Games

The fourth bundle was in use at the time this article was published. Hence it stands to reason that certain Travelers may already be qualified to get this complimentary Wind Glider. This skin is still available to those who have not yet claimed a single Prime Gaming Bundle.

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The remainder of this article will concentrate on how to redeem upcoming Prime Gaming Bundles. Take notice of the following:

  • Every bundle has a predetermined end date.
  • It is not sufficient to merely click “Claim” on Prime Gaming.
  • For this to count, you must input the codes that were provided to you.
  • Per account, a player is only eligible to acquire one Wing of Starlit Feast.
  • Technically, a Pizza Hut campaign that is only available in Mandarin can also get you this skin.

To obtain the Wings of Starlit Feast Wind Glider in Genshin Impact, you must first learn how to claim a single package.

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Get Wings of Starlit Feast Skin for Free in Genshin Impact

Step 1: Look for Genshin Impact on Prime Gaming’s official website. The words “Prime Bundle #” should appear somewhere, followed by the relevant number. From there, claim it to receive a code.

Step 2: Take a copy of the code. It will be different for each person. Use this code as soon as you can since it will expire after a specific period. It doesn’t matter if you use it on the official website or in the game.

Step 3: Redeem the provided code. All odd-numbered packages contain Primogems, whereas even-numbered bundles contain Fragile Resin. The only thing that matters is that at least four of the eight Prime Gaming Bundles are claimed, regardless of the bundles you choose.

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Repeating the first three stages at least four times is necessary for travellers who want to get the Wings of the Starlit Feast Wind Glider. As they are all time-locked, it is impossible to redeem four Prime Gaming Bundles at once. Bundles #1 through #3, for instance, are no longer operational and cannot be redeemed.

You are responsible for keeping track of when new Prime Gaming Bundles for Genshin Impact are available. The Wings of Starlit Feast should be easy to obtain as each deal typically lasts for a few weeks.

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