Genshin Impact Tinghari: Implimantation Date, Skills, and More!

Genshin Impact Tinghari: Implimantation Date, Skills, and More!
Genshin Impact Tinghari: Implimantation Date, Skills, and More!

Genshin Impact 3.0 is on its way with the latest characters and events. In this blog post, you will read about one of the latest and super strong characters. This article contains the latest information about Tinghari in Genshin Impact. If you want the latest information on Tinghari, such as the implementation date information and voice actor information, then keep reading this blog post.

When will Tinghari come to Genshin Impact?

Tinghari is a 5-star character implemented in Ver3.0. Since it will be playable as one of the first Grass Element Characters. We recommend that those who have plenty of ore give it a try.

Time: Ver3.1 or later enters Permanent Gacha

Tinghari is not a limited character but will be in the lineup of regular prayers for permanent Gacha after Ver3.1. Therefore, there is always an opportunity to withdraw.

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Schedule: To appear in legendary missions

Tinghari has a dedicated legendary mission character. It seems that you can enjoy Tinghari’s story in the Legendary Mission, so maybe you can use this character there.

Tinghari Weapon Types and Elements: Grass Element Bow Character

Tinghari is a character who uses a grass elemental bow. Since it is going to launch as a 5-star character, there is a cut-in effect before the elemental explosion. He is one of the first grass element characters to come in-game as a playable character. And, it’s possible to easily grant grass elements with a heavy bow attack.

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Performance of Tinghari in Genshin Impact

A character that assumes attacker operation: Tinghari will be a character that assumes an attacker operation from official information. Elemental explosions with follow-up effects and heavy attacks with two-stage charges are likely to generate firepower.

Also, elemental skills have a decoy effect and a heavy attack reduction effect. So it seems good to activate the elemental skill before releasing a heavy attack with a two-stage charge. A heavy attack is a grass elemental attack that can charge in two stages.

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2nd stage charge performance: A follow-up attack that tracks the enemy occurs when the attack hits. Genshin Impact Tinghari is a heavy attacker and sniper that can charge in two stages. When charged to stage 2, you will be able to shoot the Special Arrow.

And when the attack hits the enemy, a follow-up attack will occur and you can aim for additional damage. Elemental skill is an area-setting attack with a decoy effect. Effects of elemental skills:

  • Area Damage of Grass Elements
  • Create an area in front: Has a decoy effect to provoke enemies
  • Reduces charge time of the heavy attack: Effective up to 3 shots
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Tinghari’s elemental skill is an area-setting type attack. This area has a decoy effect that provokes enemies with illusions. Therefore, you can use it to divert the attention of the enemy and firmly determine the two-stage charge of the heavy attack.

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Effects of Tinghari Elemental Skill
Effects of Tinghari Elemental Skill Guide – Grass and Bow

Effects of Tinghari Elemental Skill

It has the effect of shortening the time to charge the 2nd stage of the heavy attack. Genshin Impact Tinghari elemental skill has an additional effect that reduces the time it takes to charge two stages of heavy attacks.

Judging from the video, it can be a useful skill effect for the main attacker who relies on follow-up heavy attacks. as you can expect from it that it will significantly reduce the time.

However, the number of heavy attacks that can minimize by this effect is up to 3. The elemental explosion is a continuous homing attack with grass elements. Tinari’s elemental blast is a 6-shot homing attack. If this attack hits an enemy, a follow-up attack that follows the enemy will occur, allowing you to earn even more damage.

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Since it is a continuous attack of grass elements, it seems that you can aim for great damage by intertwining elemental reactions. You can find the location of special products with your unique talent.

Genshin Impact Tinghari can display the location of specialty products on the minimap with the effect of her unique gift. This effect is not to Smale specialties, so it will be a useful skill when searching for materials in Smale.


This is all you need to know about Genshin Impact’s new 5-star character. There is not much information available for Tinghari but we will notify you if they update. In order to get the latest information, you can visit our special section of Genshin Impact. There you will get the latest updates, Character Guides, and many more tutorials.

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