Free Fire MAX New Top Up Event Leaks April 2023

Free Fire MAX New Top Up Event Leaks
04/04/2023/ Free Fire MAX New Top Up Event Leaks / Credits – Garena

The Alvaro Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX will soon come to an end, and another occasion in a like vein is expected to take its place. Thankfully, trustworthy leaks regarding the next version have lately surfaced, giving the community a sneak peek at what is planned for the battle royale game.

According to leaks from VipClown, a well-known Indian data miner, the following top-up event would be called Glee Spee. As a result, this event will provide two rewards: a rare emote that players may get for nothing by just buying the necessary amount of diamonds and a mythic treasure box from the Glee Spee brand.

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Free Fire MAX New Top-Up Event Leaks

The video and posters of the Glee Spee Top-Up event, which will probably be made available in the game shortly, were posted by VIPClown OFC, a Free Fire MAX data miner, in one of his most recent Instagram posts. The Alvaro Top-Up event is projected to end on April 5, 2023, and the event is anticipated to begin on the Indian, Bangladeshi, and Singaporean servers shortly after that.

The data miner claims that this event’s two prizes are the Forward Backward Emote and the Golden Seat Loot Box. The aforementioned products must be purchased using diamonds, the game’s premium money, just as in any other top-up event.

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The followings are the anticipated prerequisites for the event and the associated rewards:

  • Buy 100 gems to receive a Golden Seat Loot box for free.
  • Get a free diamond by buying 300 of them. Moving forward and backwards.

The needs should continue to be sequential and interdependent. So, gamers in the battle royale game will probably receive both of these awards after spending 300 diamonds. They might pay Rs. 240 on this occasion to receive 310 diamonds.

New leaks for the Indian server for Gold Royale

One of the most well-liked Luck Royales in Free Fire MAX is Gold Royale, where players may make spins and get prizes without using diamonds. Often, it includes an appealing dress that people may purchase for that specific time.

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The upcoming Gold Royale on the Indian server may have a Pop Host button, according to leaks from VIPClown. The Gold Royale event is predicted to have higher awards in addition to freshly added incentives.

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