Free Fire MAX OB39 Update: New Gloo Wall Skins, Bundles, Emotes and More

Free Fire OB39 Update
24/03/2023/ Free Fire MAX OB39 Update / Credits – Garena

On March 22, 2023, Garena finally released the eagerly anticipated Free Fire MAX OB39 update. Since then, the company has added a ton of new features and flooded the game’s store with plenty of eye-catching new merchandise. The variety of emotes, Gloo Wall skins, grenades, clothes, and other items has been expanded by the creators.

The store is easily accessible to players, who may use their diamonds to purchase a few lovely cosmetics. Also, they have the choice to receive discounts on goods that cost more than a specific amount.

A thorough breakdown of the products offered in the Free Fire MAX shop is given in the following section:

Gloo Wall

A thorough breakdown of the products offered in the Free Fire MAX shop is given in the following section,

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In Free Fire MAX, Gloo Walls are always in demand, and players will stop at nothing to get them for their collections. They now have the chance to get the following items by updating the store:

  • Gloo Wall – Swordsman Legend
  • Gloo Wall – Gate to Oblivion
  • Gloo Wall – Rebel Academy
  • Gloo Wall – Dragon Seal
  • Gloo Wall – Volcanic Fury
  • Gloo Wall – Aurous Dragon
  • Gloo Wall – Glo Technica
  • Gloo Wall – Stormbringer
  • Gloo Wall – Spikey Spine
  • Gloo Wall – Color Vibes
  • Gloo Wall – Angel with Horns
  • Gloo Wall – Pink Wink
  • Gloo Wall – Disco Fiasco

Melee weapon skins

The Free Fire MAX shop now offers 20 different melee weapon skins, including katana, pan, and scythe skins. The following products, which cost between 299 and 499 diamonds, are available to players.

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Even in the explosives area, players never run out of skins, just like every other in-game commodity. They, however, fall into a higher price range, with the majority costing 499 diamonds. The new competitors are:

  • Grenade – Mr. Nutcracker
  • Grenade – Superstar
  • Grenade – Time Traveler
  • Grenade – Spirited Overseers
  • Grenade – Pineapple Fizz
  • Spiky Pumpkin
  • Grenade – Grim Rider
  • Grenade – Feral Fragrance
  • Wasteland Grenade
  • Skull Hunter Grenade
  • Angry Shark
  • High-end Controller
  • Grenade – Brassy Mic


The store has received more than 20 stylish costumes from Garena, with costs ranging from 899 to 1199 gems. The options are as follows in this Free Fire MAX section:

  • Metallic Swordmaster Bundle
  • Chrome Swordmaven Bundle
  • Pumpkin Knight Bundle
  • Spooky Witch Bundle
  • Battle Angel Bundle
  • MC Funk Bundle
  • Frenzy Junior Bundle
  • Monochrome Suspense Bundle
  • Griffin Bundle
  • Magical Fox Bundle
  • Trench Princess Bundle
  • Space Soldier Bundle
  • Space Ops Bundle
  • Airman Rouge Bundle
  • Aviator Rogue Bundle
  • Lucky Koi Bundle
  • Fortune Koi Bundle
  • Top Chef Bundle
  • Top Pastry Chef Bundle
  • Sea Dragon Bundle
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The creators have added a list of gun crates to the Free Fire MAX store in addition to the bundles. There are around 100 of these treasure boxes, each worth 40 diamonds.

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