Free Fire MAX: New Diamond Royale and Weapon Royale Leaks

Free Fire MAX New Diamond Royale and Weapon Royale Leaks
29/01/2023/ Free Fire MAX New Diamond Royale and Weapon Royale Leaks / Credits – Garena

Leaks have been regularly coming in since the Free Fire MAX OB38 went up earlier this month, giving gamers a preview of what will soon be in the game. There have been more recent revelations on the impending Weapon Royale.

The assertions made hold weight because these leaks came from VipClown and a number of other well-known data miners in the community. For more information about the forthcoming Diamond and Weapon Royale, see the section below.

Free Fire MAX Diamond Royale

The ultimate rewards of the next Luck Royales were revealed by VipClown, a well-known Free Fire MAX data miner, in one of his most recent Instagram posts. If the leaks are accurate, the Sickly Sweet PARAFAL will appear in the upcoming Weapon Royale. The Lady Baroque package will be made available at the same time by Diamond Royale.

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The colorful, striking color combination of the Sickly Sweet PARAFAL gun skin masterfully combines pink, blue, and gold. It is further improved with an attractive VFX that has a mesmerizing pink aura that seems to circle around it.

Free Fire MAX Weapon RoyaleΒ 

The Lady Baroque bundle, which is much-awaited, is the feminine version of the Lord Baroque suit, which is currently on the market. With a white and gold color scheme, it has an exquisite aesthetic that makes it quite appealing.

The poster that the data miner published also states that the cost of spins will be changed. In February 2023 in addition to these improvements. Although the details have not yet been made public or publicly confirmed, gamers should be on the lookout for the announcement.

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After contrast to the Weapon Royale, which expires in just six days. The current Free Fire MAX Diamond Royale has a 10-day expiration date. The two brand-new grand prizes will thereafter be available.

Then, players can use diamonds to spin the wheel and pick objects at random. Additionally, coupons that have been expressly created can be used in place of the game’s premium money. Although obtaining the prizes is not guaranteed, the luck component steadily raises the chance of success.

The results of the spins might be rather unexpected, it is important to note. To win the top prize, some gamers would need to pay a few hundred diamonds. Others, though, might not be as fortunate despite spending a lot of diamonds.

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The information in the article on the future games Free Fire MAX Weapon Royale and Diamond Royale is based on leaks. Therefore it may not be entirely accurate. These will undoubtedly be updated in the next days, although the prizes could change.

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