How to Play New Hide and Seek Mode in Free Fire MAX

Hide and Seek Mode in Free Fire MAX
25/02/2023/ Hide and Seek Mode in Free Fire MAX / Credits – Garena

A battle royale game for smartphones called Free Fire MAX has swiftly become incredibly well-liked by players all across the world. Garena‘s developers have been kind to their player base worldwide by including special prizes like characters and skins in recent upgrades.

By releasing the Hide and Seek mode, which had been greatly requested on online forums, Free Fire MAX last week met a long-standing demand from its followers.

Free Fire MAX Hide and Seek Mode

The hiders and the seekers are the two sets of teams that make up the free fire max hide and seek mode, which is the first important principle to keep in mind.

If the game designates you as a hider, you must pass as other things on the map to live until the very end.

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To gain more points and win, however, the searchers must take out as many hiders as they can.

Hider Gameplay

The Hiders must locate hiding spots on the map after a match has started since they transform into bushes. A hat-shaped symbol will be displayed for hiders in place of the standard shooting button. They may switch between becoming a shrub and any other inanimate item by clicking on it.

When pressed, a second lock button will turn the player into an immovable object. While hidden in a locked condition, they are immobile.

The Hiders have one additional icon at their disposal, which will turn them into an insentient item nearby. One of the best strategies for confusing a seeker and avoiding detection is to do this.

Hiders may change into virtually any inanimate thing that is laying about on the map, including vehicles, containers, crates, furniture, windows, tables, chairs, and so on.

Seeker Gameplay

The seeker’s job is to track down and seize the evaders. After a seeker locates a single hider, the hider must choose whether to continue the game and assist in the search for further hiders or stop and observe.

You must locate and remove every hider to earn points for the seeker. To do the same, you’ll get firearms. Moreover, Seekers are given a button that functions as a radar. When activated, it enables them to search for possible hiders and marks them with a heart-shaped mark.

The seeker would be aware that the indicated object was a disguised hider if it changed location.

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Match time and rules for Free Fire MAX Hide and Seek Mode

Free Fire assigns Hiders and Seekers at random when you start a game of hide and seek. Three rounds make up a Hide & Seek competition, and after each round, the Hiders or Seekers are declared the winners based on the overall points scored.

A round lasts three minutes. Players must keep in mind that rush time occurs in the last seconds.

The Seekers have infinite ammunition and the ability to move more quickly during the last minutes of each game. Jet packs also stand upright during rush hour, allowing Seekers to swiftly mount walls and structures.

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