Free Fire MAX Knockout web event: Reward, servers and start date


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Free Fire MAX Knockout recently introduced a top-up event offering players fantastic value-added rewards. To participate, players must top-up a certain amount of diamonds to unlock them as part of this exclusive offer. Garena has launched the Free Fire MAX OB39 update.

This knockout event, scheduled to run until May 8th, offers players the chance to receive free versions of both M60 Sublime Scorpio and Scorpio Dagger rifles.

Scorpio Dagger-Free Fire MAX Knockout

Free Fire MAX, originally released worldwide by Garena in 2021, quickly became one of the tops downloaded mobile titles and currently boasts 150 million daily active users worldwide.

Free Fire MAX provides several top-up events for players to unlock exclusive rewards by purchasing diamonds in-game. Scorpio Top-Up 2 event recently introduced includes three threshold bonus rewards with a red Scorpio theme as part of this promotion.

The Scorpio Dagger provides some exciting visual effects while in-game. Next is an M60 Sublime Scorpio gun which has outstanding attributes. Finally, Scorpio Glare Facepaint rounds out this trio. All these rewards can be obtained for 500 diamonds; currently available only to Indian servers of Free Fire MAX; you can buy 310-diamond packs which cost INR 240 to obtain them all!

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M60 – Sublime Scorpio-Free Fire MAX Knockout

Garena Free Fire MAX is a premium game offering an immersive Battle Royale experience with HD graphics and special effects. Players can log in using their Free Fire account and enjoy it seamlessly across multiple devices.

According to various data miners’ Instagram posts, a new Scorpio Top-Up 2 event will soon be in the Indian and Bangladeshi servers of the game. This event offers players free pan skin, bike skin and Scorpio Glare rewards; each requires collecting specific quantities of diamonds.

M60 Sublime Scorpio requires 500 diamonds to unlock. To purchase them, players should open the game and head towards the top-up section; select their pack of 520 diamonds before completing their transaction process with a secure method; any topped-up diamonds will then be stored on their player profile and can be used later to claim rewards introduced at events.

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Scorpio Glare

The Scorpio Glare is an exquisite facepaint with captivating visuals that’ll add flare to your character. Available during the upcoming Scorpio Top-Up 2 event starting on May 9 and ending on May 15, it can be unlocked using 520 diamonds as one of its rewards.

Top-up events are a mainstay in Free Fire, and once one concludes, its creators typically announce another version with rewards featuring a Scorpio theme. According to data miners, this version may feature rewards bearing that symbolism.

Garena’s Free Fire MAX offers an enhanced version of their popular battle royale game, with HD graphics and improved special effects to provide a realistic experience. Furthermore, you can log in using your existing Free Fire account and play MAX simultaneously in real time; all progress and items remain accessible between both applications.

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Scorpio Bandana

Free Fire MAX developers recently unveiled the Faded Wheel event, featuring the Scorpio Shatter M1014 gun skin as part of its prize pool. Players must spend 1082 diamonds to unlock this gun with its advantages and special emote. To access its benefits – extraordinary effects and an exclusive weapon skin – players must spend their diamonds accordingly.

Free Fire MAX also recently unveiled a Knockout event, similar to faded wheel and lucky wheel events; players must use diamonds to spin spinners for rewards; however, players should note that once obtained, Bandana skin will no longer remain available from prize pools.

Data miners Pureleaks_ofc and Vipclow_ofc have reported that Free Fire MAX will soon launch a top-up event that offers players free pan skin, bike skin and Scorpio Glare items – this event marks Garena’s second top-up initiative after their J.Bieb collaboration.

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