Free Fire MAX Faded Wheels: Rewards, Start Date, and More

Free Fire MAX Faded Wheels
26/02/2023/ Free Fire MAX Faded Wheels / Credits – Garena

One of Free Fire MAX‘s most thrilling Luck Royales is Faded Wheel. As it ensures big winnings within a specific amount of spins, many players favor it over the other alternatives.

Two future Faded Wheels were just disclosed via Instagram photos by VIP clown, a well-known data miner. The first will start on March 2, 2023, and the second will start on March 5, 2023, for servers in India, Bangladesh, and Singapore, according to the films he released.

Fans may anticipate a special gun skin, costume package, and a ton of additional incentives if the leaks prove to be correct. Here are more details regarding the updated Faded Wheels of Free Fire MAX for readers to read.

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Free Fire MAX Faded Wheels Event

According to VIP clown’s Instagram post, the big prizes for the inaugural Faded Wheel are scheduled to be Techno Sickle and MAC10 – Mind’s Eye. The main prizes of the second Faded Wheel, however, will be the Bionic Vagabond Bundle and Gloo Wall – Technojoy.

Other general awards, such as a Weapon Royale Voucher, a Diamond Royale Voucher, Magic Cube Fragments, Pet Food, and two distinct Weapon Loot Crates, will be available in addition to the two grand prizes of the respective Faded Wheels.

As these Faded Wheels start, players will ultimately have to pay diamonds in order to receive the offered prizes, just like with every other Faded Wheel of Free Fire MAX. Hence, interested players should have their in-game cash available for the two events, which will commence on March 2 and March 5, respectively, in 2023.

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It’s important to note that these are simply leaks and that there is no assurance that the two events or the specific products will be included in Free Fire MAX. The players must thus treat them with a grain of salt.

That said, VIP clown has a fair amount of credibility and his past disclosures have generally been correct. Given this, there is a good chance that the battle royale title will include these two Faded Wheels events.

Bonus Top Up event is also set to start very soon

The data miner has lately posted other items on his Instagram account in addition to the two Faded Wheels. Also, he shared information with the community about the unique 100% Bonus Top Up event that will begin in Free Fire MAX on February 27, 2023, following the conclusion of the current one.

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As it offers an extra quantity of diamonds upon topping up, this event is typically highly awaited. As a result, it is advised that anybody planning to buy diamonds in the near future wait until the event begins so that they may get a better deal on the currency.

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