Free Fire MAX Booyah Pass Season 3 Leaked: Price, Reward and More

Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 3
01/03/2023/ Free Fire MAX Booyah Pass Season 3 / Credits – Garena

Garena introduced the third season of Free Fire MAX Booyah Pass following the popularity of the first two seasons, adding a broad variety of themed cosmetics to the battle royale game.

The Biotroppers, the third Booyah Pass season, began on March 1st, 2023. It is accessible till March 31st, 2023.

Free Fire MAX Booyah Pass Season 3

The third version of the Booyah Pass is now available on the Free Fire MAX Indian server. As usual, it has a Free Pass Track with a few cosmetics, but the great bulk of prizes are only available in the premium version.

There are two upgrade options: Premium and Premium Plus. The former costs 499 gems and unlocks prizes up to 150 levels. Meanwhile, the latter costs 999 gems and entitles you access things up to level 200.

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Free Fire MAX Booyah Pass Season 3 Rewards

The Booyah Pass prizes have already been leaked to several users as part of the leaks from earlier in January 2023. But thanks to the battle royale game, they can finally get them.

The following are some of the major prizes up for grabs:

  • Level 1: M79 Project Q and Booyah Pass Pet Choice Crate (30 days)
  • Project Ether Skyboard and Project Ether Bundle at Level 10
  • Project Qualia Banner and Qualia Wave Banner at Level 20
  • Project Qualia Loot Box, Level 30
  • Project Q’s Level 40: Monster Truck
  • Circuit Shorts and the Project Azure Bundle at Level 50
  • Project Qualia Avatar, Qualia Wave Avatar, and BP S3 Crate are all at level 60.
  • Project Qualia Skyboard, Level 70
  • Grenade, Level 80, Project Q, and BP S3 Crate
  • 2x BP S3 Crate at Level 90
  • Level 100 – M79 – BP S3 Crate and Project Q
  • BP S3 Crate at Levels 105, 110, 115, 120, and 125
  • 130th level – Project Sickle
  • Level 135 – S3 Crate for BP
  • Project Q Bag and BP S3 Crate on Level 140
  • BP S3 Crate at Level 145
  • Gloo Wall, Level 150, Project Q, and BP S3 Crate
  • BP S3 Deluxe Crate, level 151 and above (Repeatable rewards for every 1 Battle Pass level-up)
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Steps to upgrade to Free Fire MAX Booyah Pass Season 3

The steps listed below can be used to upgrade the Booyah Pass and get Free Fire MAX’s premium rewards:

  • Step 1: Get into your Free Fire MAX account and go to the area for Booyah Pass.
  • Step 2: Next to the “Claim All” button, select the upgrade option.
  • Step 3: Choose your desired option and press the confirm button. You will be given the premium variant after deducting the necessary gems.

A series of objectives must also be completed in order to acquire EXP points, which are needed to advance through levels and obtain the associated prizes.

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